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Fannyside Lochs - Things to Know Before Visiting

Fannyside Lochs, United Kingdom

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About Fannyside Lochs

Fannyside Lochs is a water feature in Scotland. Fannyside Lochs is situated northeast of Greengairs, close to Fannyside Lodge. The loch, 2¾ mile SE of Cumbernauld town, lies 550 feet above sea-level, and measures 6¾ furlongs in length by from 1 to 2 furlongs in breadth. It contains a few pike and perch, but no trout. The moor lies around the loch, chiefly on the N side, comprises upwards of 3 square miles, and has traces of a Roman road, running southward from Castlecary.—Ord. Sur., sh. 31, 1867

Attractions Near Fannyside Lochs

Palacerigg Country Park
Palacerigg Country Park1.68km from Fannyside Lochs

Palacerigg Country Park spans 300 hectares of grassland, woodlands, moorlands and ponds. The park hosts a variety of wildlife, wild deer, kestrels and two separate breeds of owl have been spotted in the park. The visitor centre is home to a museum and café and has a mural by the artist Alasdair Gray. There are 2 traditionally built longhouses which are used to demonstrate a variety of woodland crafts. It was one of the iconic attraction in this area and attracts a lot of tourists.

Cumbernauld House Park
Cumbernauld House Park3.65km from Fannyside Lochs

Cumbernauld House is an 18th-century Vivido Scottish country house located in Cumbernauld, Scotland. It has a well developed history, with ties to the Romans, Normans, James IV, Mary Stewart, Cromwell, Covenanters, and the Jacobites. More recently it has provided the people of Cumbernauld with attractive open space for relaxing and walking.

Seabegs Wood
Seabegs Wood6.03km from Fannyside Lochs

Seabegs Wood was the site of a Roman fortlet on the Antonine Wall in Scotland. At Seabegs, the outline of Antonine's Wall, has lasted. Archaeologists from previous generations recorded this and stated that the ditch was deep and waterlogged. There is an underpass under thForth and Clyde Canal nearby known locally as the Pend.

Hillend Loch
Hillend Loch6.85km from Fannyside Lochs

Hillend Loch is an artificial lake, called a loch in Scots English, located to the east of Caldercruix in North Lanarkshire, Scotland. It is bordered on its south shore by the A89 road. The loch has a large catchment area in the hills which surround it and six feeder stream drain these hills and their moorland. It has a surface area of 345 acres and its surface is 650 feetabove sea level. The railway line between Airdrie and Bathgate runs along the southern shore of Hillend Loch

Lily Loch
Lily Loch7.16km from Fannyside Lochs

Lilly Loch Reservoir is situated near to the Hillend Reservoir and supplies water to the Forth & Clyde Canal and the remains of the Monkland Canal.

Broadwood Loch
Broadwood Loch7.64km from Fannyside Lochs

Broadwood Loch is a man-made loch with surrounding woodland, grassland and lowland peat bog habitats. The wildlife ponds are home to damselflies and dragonflies and swallows can be seen swooping overhead in summer. There is a circular walk round the loch.

Where is Fannyside Lochs

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