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Charlotte Square - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, UK

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About Charlotte Square

Charlotte Square is a garden square in Edinburgh, Scotland, part of the New Town, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The square is located at the west end of George Street and was intended to mirror St. Andrew Square in the east. The gardens, one of the collection of New Town Gardens, are private and not publicly accessible.

Attractions Near Charlotte Square

Georgian House
Georgian House0.06km from Charlotte Square

The Georgian House, built in 1796, is a house-museum located on No 7 Charlotte Square. It shows how the wealthiest residents of the New Town lived. It has been restored and furnished by the National Trust for Scotland, and is operated as a popular tourist attraction, with over 40,000 visitors annually. Admire the stunning collections of period furniture, paintings, porcelain, silver and glass, and gain a fascinating insight into both the upstairs and downstairs elements of 18th-century society.

Ross Fountain
Ross Fountain0.36km from Charlotte Square

The Ross Fountain sits beneath Edinburgh Castle in Princes Street Gardens. It was Sculpted by artist Jean-Baptiste Jules Klagmann and produced at the world-famous iron foundry of Antoine Durenne in Sommevoire, France, the cast-iron fountain includes cherubs, mermaids, walrus and lion heads and four female figures representing science, arts, poetry and industry. The fountain is a magnificent example of 19th century cast-iron work, in the neoclassical style commonly known as Beaux Arts.

Rose Street
Rose Street0.41km from Charlotte Square

Rose Street is a street in the New Town of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is a narrow street running parallel between Princes Street and George Street. Today, it is principally a shopping street, however, it is well known for its many bars and public houses. Rose Street is also the home to the BT Rose Street Telephone Exchange, which connects much of the telecommunications infrastructure for the west side of the New Town of Edinburgh.

George Street
George Street0.43km from Charlotte Square

George Street is the central thoroughfare of the First New Town of Edinburgh, planned in the 18th century by James Craig. The street takes its name from King George III and connects St Andrew Square in the east with Charlotte Square in the west. It is located on the north side of the Old Town of Edinburgh, to the north of the Princes Street and to the south of Queen Street, running straight along the high point of a ridge.

National War Museum
National War Museum0.53km from Charlotte Square

The National War Museum, situated within Edinburgh Castle, is Scotland’s national war museum reflecting over 400 years of Scotland at war. It has collection features, as well as the typical military items, traditional Scottish clothing worn during the battles, personal items belonging to the soldiers, and letters sent home from the battlegrounds on distant lands.

Stockbridge Market
Stockbridge Market0.58km from Charlotte Square

Stockbridge Market is a weekly market event in which vendors from all over the area offer their wares, with a focus on delicious food. You'll find a variety of fresh ingredients that let you try your hand at cooking, but you can also find fully prepared meals to enjoy. While many of the offerings are notably Scottish, you'll find an international selection of cuisine, including French food and more exotic flavours from Japan and India.

Where is Charlotte Square

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