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Priory Park

23 Paganel Dr, Dudley DY1 4AZ, UK


About Priory Park

Priory Park is a public park located in Dudley, West Midlands, England, just north of the town centre. It is in the historic grounds of Dudley Priory.  The park covers an area of 7.7 hectares . It has a wooded area, playing fields and a lily pond. It also has tennis and basketball courts, a bowling green, a cricket area a five-a-side football pitch and an orienteering course.

Attractions near Priory Park

Dudley Castle0.47km from Priory Park

Dudley Castle is a ruined medieval castle contained within Dudley Zoological Gardens. The castle was begun shortly after the Norman Conquest, destroyed by Henry II, rebuilt in the late 13th century, slighted by Parliament after the Civil War, and finally destroyed by fire in 1750.In the nineteenth and early twentieth century the site was used for fêtes and pageants. Today Dudley Zoo is located on its grounds. It is also a Grade I listed building. Localised structural problems lead to it being pl

Dudley Museum & Art Gallery0.56km from Priory Park

Dudley Museum and Art Gallery was a public museum and art gallery located in the town centre of Dudley in the West Midlands, England. It was opened in 1883, situated within buildings on St James's Road, and remained at that site until its closure in 2016. Some of the museum collections have since been relocated to the Dudley Archives centre on Tipton Road. Local heroes like football legend Duncan Edwards can be seen alongside the Museum's geological collection, which includes over 15,000 fossil,

Dudley Zoo and Castle0.62km from Priory Park

Dudley Zoological Gardens is a 40-acre zoo located within the grounds of Dudley Castle in the town of Dudley, in the Black Country region of the West Midlands, England. The Zoo opened to the public on 18 May 1937. It contains 12 modernist animal enclosures and other buildings designed by the architect Berthold Lubetkin and the Tecton Group. The zoo went into receivership in 1977 and was purchased by Dudley Metropolitan Council. Dudley Zoo is now operated by Dudley and West Midlands Zoological So

Black Country Living Museum0.81km from Priory Park

Black Country Living Museum is a remarkable place to explore, enjoy and spend time. Set in a landscape of 26 acres, it is one of the most extraordinary open-air museums in the UK; offering a glimpse into 300 years of history like no other. The museum occupies 105,000 square metres (26 acres) of former industrial land partly reclaimed from a former railway goods yard, disused lime kilns, canal arm and former coal pits.

Dudley Canal1.06km from Priory Park

The Dudley Canal is a canal passing through Dudley in the West Midlands of England. The canal is part of the English and Welsh connected network of navigable inland waterways, and in particular forms part of the popular Stourport Ring narrowboat cruising route.  The canal tunnels under the limestone hills in the area are some of the longest in the country.

Wren's Nest1.49km from Priory Park

The Wren's Nest is a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest in the Dudley Metropolitan Borough, north west of the town centre of Dudley, in the West Midlands of England. It is one of the most important geological locations in Britain. The site is home to a number of species of birds and locally rare flora, such as Scabiosa columbaria, milkwort and quaking grass. The caverns are also a nationally important hibernation site for seven different species of bat.

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