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Damoh Waterfall - Things to Know Before Visiting

Jakha, Rajasthan 328026, India


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About Damoh Waterfall

This waterfall itself is formed by a stream of water falling from a height of 150 feet. Located inside the forest , trekking area, off road.

Attractions Near Damoh Waterfall

Sabalgarh Fort
Sabalgarh Fort26.72km from Damoh Waterfall

Sabalgarh Fort is a 16-17th-century hill fort near Sabalgarh, Madhya Pradesh, situated on a large rock in the northeastern part of Sabalgarh. The fort consists of a defensive structure and one main palaces and many other buildings. The fort has been controlled by a number of different rulers in its history.

Kaila Mata Mandir
Kaila Mata Mandir26.73km from Damoh Waterfall

A Hindu temple in the district of Dhaulpur. less attracted by the tourists.

Mandrayal Fort
Mandrayal Fort26.79km from Damoh Waterfall

Mandrayal fort is an oldest fort situated in Karauli, which is famous for its huge gate and the architecture inside. it is less popular among tourists.

Hindaun Fort
Hindaun Fort46.38km from Damoh Waterfall

This is an ancient fort located at Hindaun in Karauli district. The parts of the fort have been disintegrated and there is no proper source to protect the fort.

Machkund temple
Machkund temple51.64km from Damoh Waterfall

It has a reservoir surrounded by a series of temples of different dates. The name comes from a Raja Muchkund, who is believed to have ruled 14 generations before Rama (from the Ramayana glory). King Muchkund was son of legendary king Mandhata. There are also the ruins of an ancient fort (1286) built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq.

Shergarh Fort Dholpur
Shergarh Fort Dholpur52.98km from Damoh Waterfall

named after Sher Shah Suri. now in ruins, is said to be more than 3,000 years old. It is located to the south of the city, next to the Chambal River. As per historical records, this fort was first built by King Maldev in 1532. Sher Shah attacked and captured it. It had, then, been rechristened after Sher Shah Sur who restored the fort in 1540 AD to protect the Afghan kingdom from the onslaughts the Mewar in mid 16th century on the western frontier.

Where is Damoh Waterfall

Discover More Attractions in Baran, Where Damoh Waterfall Is Located

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Largest meteor crater in the country is in this district.