Parham Airfield Museum in Suffolk, England, United Kingdom - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Parham Airfield Museum

Parham, Woodbridge IP13 9AF, UK


About Parham Airfield Museum

Parham Airfield Museum is situated on an old World War II United States Air Force Station. The Museum actually consists of 2 separate Museums, which join together to show how this corner of rural Suffolk was affected by the War in two very different ways. It also plays tribute to other 8th US Army Air Force and allied airmen operating throughout East Anglia during the Second World War, and also the men of the British Resistance Organisation.

Attractions near Parham Airfield Museum

Framlingham Castle4.99km from Parham Airfield Museum

Framlingham Castle is a magnificent 12th century fortress with a long and colourful past which makes a fascinating family day out in Suffolk.  It was once home to some of the most formidable names of Tudor England and it was behind these very walls that Mary Tudor was proclaimed Queen of England. The castle then transformed into an Elizabethan prison and later a workshouse in the 17th century.

Snape Maltings7.25km from Parham Airfield Museum

Snape Maltings is a group of buildings including a famous concert hall in the village of Snape, Suffolk. Many concerts are given in the Maltings. Every year the Aldeburgh Festival has many of its concerts there. The composer Benjamin Britten used to live in Aldeburgh with the singer Peter Pears. They started a music school for young people. The Britten-Pears Foundation still continues today, with many concerts based in the Maltings.

Bentwaters Cold War Museum7.38km from Parham Airfield Museum

Bentwaters Cold War Museum is based in the United States Air Force (USAF) hardened command post on the former Bentwaters airbase. Its display include an English Electric Lightning, Hawker Hunter, BAC Jaguar, McDonnell Douglas Phantom & Harrier.  Visitors can also see the fully restored War Operations Room and Battle Cabin, alongside the BT Telephone Exchange room.

Rendlesham Forest10.3km from Parham Airfield Museum

Rendlesham Forest is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.There's something for everyone, including children's play areas, a bike park for experienced riders, sculptures to discover in Tangham Wood and plenty of places for a picnic. It was one of the iconic attraction in this area and also you cans pend some good time in the middle of nature enjoying the beauty of this place and also can have some adventurous tricks too.

The Long Shop Museum11.8km from Parham Airfield Museum

The Long Shop Museum is an industrial museum in the town of Leiston in the English county of Suffolk. Discover 200 years of industrial innovation on the original site of the Richard Garrett Engineering Works, from the first production line to the first woman doctor.  The museum preserves interprets objects that tell the stories of the Garrett Works and the people of Leiston who forged its success.

National Trust - Sutton Hoo12.03km from Parham Airfield Museum

Sutton Hoo is the site of a group of Anglo-Saxon burial mounds from the 6th and 7th centuries. One of the mounds, excavated in 1939, revealed the remains of a 90-foot long wooden ship.  Most of these objects are now held by the British Museum. Scholars believe Rædwald of East Anglia is the most likely person to have been buried in the ship. The site is important in establishing the history of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of East Anglia as well as illuminating the early Anglo-Saxon period which lacked

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