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The Hexham Old Gaol is in the town of Hexham, Northumberland, England. It is reputed to be the oldest purpose-built prison in England. The gaol was built under the order of Margot and William Melton, the Archbishop of York, in 1330–33. It held prisoners from Hexhamshire and also, in the 16th century, from the English Middle March, before their trial in the Moothall Court Room nearby.

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Hexham Abbey

Hexham Abbey

0.63km from Hexham Old Gaol

Hexham Abbey is a majestic Grade I listed place of Christian worship dedicated to St Andrew, in the town of Hexham, Northumberland, in Northeast England. Originally built in AD 674, the Abbey was built up during the 12th century into its current form, with additions around the turn of the 20th century. Since the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1537, the Abbey has been the parish church of Hexham.

Corbridge Roman Town - Hadrian's Wall

Corbridge Roman Town - Hadrian's Wall

5.33km from Hexham Old Gaol

Corbridge was once a bustling town and supply base where Romans and civilians would pick up food and provisions. It remained a vibrant community right up until the end of Roman Britain in the early years of the 5th century. Corbridge was initially the site of a series of important forts. But after Hadrian's Wall was fully commissioned it developed into a prosperous town, a tempting leave-centre for off-duty Wall garrisons.

Chesters Roman Fort and Museum - Hadrian's Wall

Chesters Roman Fort is the most complete Roman cavalry fort in Britain - wander around the unusually well-preserved baths and steam room, and the officers' quarters.Spend a day out wandering around the unusually well-preserved baths and steam room, and the officers' quarters. You'll find hundreds of ancient artefacts beautifully displayed with e-readers to guide you around the John Clayton museum.

Aydon Castle

Aydon Castle

7.49km from Hexham Old Gaol

Aydon Castle was one of the finest and most unaltered examples of a 13th century English manor house. Set in a beautiful and secluded Northumberland woodland. An existing timber hall house was transformed into an impressive stone-built residence but, as the war turned against the English, it suffered from numerous attacks which financially ruined its owner. This classic castle is perfect for family games and picnics and is a great starting point for some woodland walks.

Allen Banks & Staward Gorge - National Trust

Allen Banks and Staward Gorge make up the largest area of ancient semi-natural woodland in Northumberland. This wilderness garden was created by Susan Davidson who lived at nearby Ridley Hall in the 19th century. The property has been designated a site of special scientific interest for its rich flora and fauna. There is a large suspension bridge which has been ruined by the flooding of January 2005.

National Trust - Cherryburn

National Trust - Cherryburn

14.63km from Hexham Old Gaol

Cherryburn is a cottage in Mickley, Northumberland, England, which was the birthplace of Thomas Bewick, an English wood engraver and ornithologist. The cottage, its adjacent farmhouse and large grounds, have been managed by the National Trust since 1991 when they took over responsibility for the site from the Bewick Birthplace Trust.Cherryburn is now open to the public 7 days a week between February and November.

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Northumberland is a ceremonial county and historic county in North East England. It is bordered by Cumbria to the west, County Durham and Tyne and Wear to the south and the Scottish Borders to the north. One of the iconic location wehivh was flourished with lot of tourists places.

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