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Kielder Observatory - Things to Know Before Visiting

Black Fell, Kielder, Hexham NE48 1EJ, UK

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About Kielder Observatory

Kielder Observatory is one of the most remarkable places to visit in the whole of the UK. A public astronomical observatory which is second to none. Sited in the largest gold tier-protected dark sky park in the whole of Europe, the stargazing can be breathtaking: the ‘Kielder moment’ is very special, the moment that visitors look up at the glittering skies and realise that they’re completely connected to this vast cosmos, yet utterly unique within it.

Attractions Near Kielder Observatory

Kielder Water
Kielder Water10.04km from Kielder Observatory

Kielder water is the largest man-made reservoir in Europe, holding 200 billion litres of water. It is the largest artificial lake in the United Kingdom by capacity of water and it is surrounded by Kielder Forest, one of the biggest man-made woodlands in Europe. The scheme was planned in the late 1960s to satisfy an expected rise in demand for water to support a booming UK industrial economy.

Hareshaw Linn Waterfall
Hareshaw Linn Waterfall24.46km from Kielder Observatory

One of the beautiful waterfalls located in the woods and It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest , designated for its rare ferns and lichen. More than 300 different types of mosses, liverworts and lichen can be found. A magical walk through an ancient woodland, crossing no less than six bridges to reach a beautiful nine-metre high waterfall.

Northumberland National Park
Northumberland National Park25.6km from Kielder Observatory

Northumberland National Park is a beautiful greenish area which was home to some of our most peaceful hidden gems, remotest footpaths and most astounding nature. There are around 405 square miles of superb wilderness within the National Park to explore. The landscape is an outstanding mix of high hills, dales and crystal clear rivers and, not forgetting, the magnificent Kielder Water – Europe’s biggest man made lake.

Hadrian's Wall
Hadrian's Wall26.94km from Kielder Observatory

Hadrian's Wall is a stone and turf fortification built by the Roman Empire in northern England to stop attacks by Scottish tribes. There were three legions working on it and in 10 years it was nearly finished. Set amongst the wild beauty of Cumbrian and Northumbrian landscapes, it still impresses today and stands as a testimony to the power and reach of the mighty Roman Empire. Today you can explore the Wall’s rich history and its dramatic landscape at over 20 fascinating sites.

Gilnockie Tower
Gilnockie Tower26.98km from Kielder Observatory

Gilnockie Tower is a stunning example of a 16th century Scottish pele tower. Built some 500 years ago, it was home to Johnnie Armstrong of Gilnockie, a notorious Border Reiver. In 1530 this powerful chieftain was hanged by a Scottish king, his story romanticised by Walter Scott. The tower was rebuilt, but was damaged again by English raids in the 1540s, only to be rebuilt again with a new parapet walk, and a beacon stance on the gable.

Thirlwall Castle
Thirlwall Castle27.55km from Kielder Observatory

Thirlwall Castle is a 12th-century castle on the bank of the River Tipalt, close to the village of Greenhead. Originally a simple tower the proximity of ready prepared stone quarried from Hadrian's Wall allowed the Thirlwall family to build a structure beyond their modest wealth and was doubtless something of a status symbol for a family aspiring to move up the social ladder.

Where is Kielder Observatory

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Northumberland is a ceremonial county and historic county in North East England. It is bordered by Cumbria to the west, County Durham and Tyne and Wear to the south and the Scottish Borders to the north. One of the iconic location wehivh was flourished with lot of tourists places.