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Chillingham Castle - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Chillingham, Alnwick NE66 5NJ, UK

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About Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle is a 13th century, Grade 1 Star-listed stronghold in Northumberland, famed for action and battles. See Chillingham's alarming dungeons as well as active restoration in the Great Halls and State Rooms which are gradually brought back to life with tapestries, arms and armour. A large enclosed park in the castle grounds is home to the Chillingham cattle, a rare breed, consisting of about 90 head of white cattle.

Attractions Near Chillingham Castle

St Cuthbert's Cave
St Cuthbert's Cave9.45km from Chillingham Castle

St Cuthbert’s Cave, nestled away in the remote countryside of Belford, oozes mystery due to its spiritual past.It is said that the ancient monks of Lindisfarne laid St Cuthbert’s body to rest here in AD875, the reputable saint who possessed the power of spiritual healing. The woodlands and cave are the property of the National Trust. The cave is formed of overhanging rock, sufficiently large to provide shelter for a small group.

Preston Tower, Northumberland
Preston Tower, Northumberland12.21km from Chillingham Castle

Preston Tower is a beautifully complete late 14th-century pele tower and a wonderful example of medieval construction. The Tower presents a vivid reminder of what life was like for those who dwelt in the battleground that was the border with Scotland. The tower was built in 1392, when warfare between England and Scotland was endemic. At the time of Agincourt in 1415, it was one of 78 pele towers in the county.

Yeavering Bell
Yeavering Bell12.6km from Chillingham Castle

Yeavering Bell is a hill on the very edge of the Cheviot Hills. On it lie the remains of the largest Iron Age hillfort in the region. The tumbled stone rampart would originally have been two-and-a-half metres high and more than three metres thick. The summit, 1158 feet above sea level, is encircled by the wall of a late-prehistoric hillfort, a tribal centre of the Votadini called in Brythonic and Old Welsh Din Gefron, from which the name stems.

Budle Bay
Budle Bay12.8km from Chillingham Castle

Budle Bay is a 1 mile wide bay on the North Sea in Northumberland. It is one of the best bird watching locations in Britain. The vast mud flats exposed at low tide form part of the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve and this rich feeding ground is home to a fascinating array of wildlife. The whole area is part of the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve and is very popular with birdwatchers, particularly in the winter when thousands of wildfowl and waders spend their winter on the bay's mud fl

Hedgehope Hill
Hedgehope Hill13.06km from Chillingham Castle

Hedgehope Hill is set three miles east of the main Cheviot watershed and can beor via a longer route from Linhope to the south. it is best climbed from Langleeford in the Harthope Valley, over which it looms. The Harthope valley is accessible by a minor road from near Wooler to the northeast. A slightly gentler climb, though a longer distance, is from Linhope in the Breamish valley, approaching from the south east.

Linhope Spout Waterfall
Linhope Spout Waterfall13.44km from Chillingham Castle

Linhope Spout is a popular waterfall walk in the Ingram Valley in Northumberland that is perfect for families of all ages.This spectacular waterfall tumbles 18 metres down a rock face to the plunge pool below. The waterfall can only be reached on foot by way of a short, scenic walk from the end of the public roadway west of Ingram.

Where is Chillingham Castle

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Northumberland is a ceremonial county and historic county in North East England. It is bordered by Cumbria to the west, County Durham and Tyne and Wear to the south and the Scottish Borders to the north. One of the iconic location wehivh was flourished with lot of tourists places.