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Pushkar Lake - Things to Know Before Visiting

Pushkar Lake, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022

Lake/ River/ Ponds

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About Pushkar Lake

This is a sacred lake of the Hindus. it is surrounded by 52 bathing ghats where pilgrims throng in large numbers to take a sacred bath.

Attractions Near Pushkar Lake

Brahmaji Temple | Brahma Temple Pushkar

A Hindu temple located at Pushkar close to the Pushkar lake. The temple is one of very few existing temples dedicated to the Hindu creator-god Brahma.

Anasagar Lake
Anasagar Lake6.67km from Pushkar Lake

This is an artificial lake situated in the city of Ajmer. There is an island in the center of lake which can be accessed through boat.

Dhai din ka jhopra
Dhai din ka jhopra7.92km from Pushkar Lake

This is a large and imposing structure of Ajmer. It is one of the oldest mosques in India, and the oldest surviving monument in Ajmer.

Dargah KHWAJA GHARIB NAWAZ8.14km from Pushkar Lake

This is a Sufi shrine of the revered Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti.

Badnore Fort
Badnore Fort77.05km from Pushkar Lake

Badnore Fort is an excellent example of medieval Indian military style of architecture. This seven storied fort stands atop a hill and presents breathtaking views all around.

Kuchaman Fort
Kuchaman Fort80.11km from Pushkar Lake

The Kuchaman Fort is perched atop a 300 m high cliff. This fort occupies a wide area which could be entered via 10 glorious gates from different sides. There were 32 bastions surrounding the entire fortification. The city at that time was inside the fort compound wall and people were residing with the compound. This fort shows the historical significance of the Rathore rule in Rajasthan.

Where is Pushkar Lake

Discover More Attractions in Ajmer, Where Pushkar Lake Is Located

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Ajmer Located in the heart of Rajasthan, is one of the major and oldest cities in the state.