Attractions to explore nearby Whitwell & Reepham Station - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Whitwell & Reepham Station

Whitwell & Reepham StationWhitwell Rd, Whitwell, Reepham, Norwich NR10 4GA, UK

Whitwell and Reepham railway station, also known as Whitwell station, is a former station situated in Norfolk, England. The station closed in 1959 and is a notable stop on the Marriott's Way long-distance footpath. It is being restored as a railway museum, including the re-laying of track.

Marriott's Way0.54 KMs away from Whitwell & Reepham Station

Marriott’s Way is a 26-mile footpath, bridleway and cycle route. It provides a lovely green corridor from the heart of Norwich into the countryside along a disused railway. The surrounding area is rich with wildlife, including jays, magpies, wrens, primroses and wild strawberries. Several concrete public works of art can be seen along the way a constant reminder of the lines connection with the concrete industry and of its last days as a freight line carrying concrete products.

Foxley Wood3.84 KMs away from Whitwell & Reepham Station

Foxley Wood is a nature reserve in Foxley, Norfolk, England, the largest ancient woodland and coppice in Norfolk. The Wood is thought to be about 6,000 years old, and is even mentioned in the Doomsday book!  In 2002 it was recognized as a National Nature Reserve. It is a hotspot for butterflies including a white admiral, meadow brown, speckled wood, ringlet, purple hairstreak, and silver-washed fritillary.