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Louth Museum

4 Broadbank, Louth LN11 0EQ, UK


About Louth Museum

Louth Museum is an award winning visitor attraction in the historic market town of Louth, nestling at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds. There are four galleries, a library and a gift shop and also there are free activities for kids, and several short exhibitions each season.

Attractions near Louth Museum

Hubbard's Hills1.42km from Louth Museum

Hubbard's Hills is an area of Natural Beauty, directly west of Louth. It is a highly unique glacial overspill channel formed as a result of the last ice age, over 40,000 years ago. Today it is very popular for dog walking and picnics. This charming miniature valley, intersected by the River Lud, was formed by melting glaciers at the end of the last ice age. Today it is a scene of sloping fields, woodland trails and riverside paths, perfect for a family picnic or leisurely afternoon dog walk.

Claythorpe Watermill12.08km from Louth Museum

Claythorpe Watermill is a small, family-run visitor attraction. One of the loveliest things to do in Lincolnshire. The mill last ran in the late 1970s but you can still see the remaining millworks and learn more about its varied industrial history. Built around 1720, This Grade II listed former mill ran until the late 1970s, powered by a rare turbine. You can see some of the old mill works in what’s now the café.

A beautiful nature reserve that contains tidal sand and mudflats, salt and freshwater marshes and sand dunes. It’s a really beautiful place to go for a walk or spend some time on the beach. You will feel miles from anywhere. It covers a massive 951 hectares and most of the reserve is open to the public and you are requested to keep out of the signed sanctuary areas. There are various routes including an easy access trail with display boards through Rimac.

Alford Manor House16.98km from Louth Museum

The Alford Manor House is a museum, tea rooms, and licensed venue available for hire. Outside, the barn houses a museum with displays on local history, and recreations of period scenes, including a cobbler's shop and a chemist's. It is a very rare example of a composite structure, featuring a wooden frame with reed and plaster (visible from within the house), encased in brick. Ground-floor and first-floor rooms feature design interventions from Georgian through to Victorian times, while the atti

Wolds Wildlife Park17.95km from Louth Museum

A majestc and beautiful zoo which was accommodated with an exciting variety of animals from wild mammals to domestic animals including bears, lions, zebras, highland cows, tapirs, capybaras and many more. View all your favourites up close and discover opportunities to book an amazing wildlife experience. The park isn’t huge but it is ever-evolving and with such fantastic animals they are definitely worth supporting and visiting. The most striking thing about the park is the animal’s enclosures.

Where is Louth Museum

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Lincolnshire is a county in the East Midlands of England.  The majority of tourism in Lincolnshire relies on the coastal resorts and towns to the east of the Lincolnshire Wolds. The county has some of the best-known seaside resorts in the United Kingdom, which are a major attraction to visitors from across England, especially the East Midlands and parts of Yorkshire.