Attractions to explore nearby High Force Waterfalls - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby High Force Waterfalls

High Force WaterfallsAlston Rd, Forest-in-Teesdale, Barnard Castle DL12 0XH, UK

High Force is one of the most impressive waterfalls in England. The River Tees has been plunging into this gorge for thousands of years but the rocks it reveals are far more ancient – with origins dating back over 300 million years.  Very occasionally the river level will be high enough to flow over the central section of rock; the last recorded time this happened was in December 2015 after Storm Desmond. In harsh winters the falls have been known to freeze, creating cathedral-like ice formation

Low Force Waterfall2.35 KMs away from High Force Waterfalls

One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the north of England, Low Force is a series of low cascades on the River Tees, about three miles upstream of Middleton-in-Teesdale. Low Force is also the site of the Wynch Bridge, completed in 1830. It is suggested that only one person at a time should cross the bridge as it may be unstable.

Winch Bridge2.43 KMs away from High Force Waterfalls

An iron suspension footbridge with planked walkway, over the River Tees, by the Low Force waterfalls, near Holwick and Newbiggin. The bridge was built c.1820 for the Duke of Cleveland and is Grade II* listed. It was the first chain bridge in the western world after the Tibetan and Chinese onesChain bridges had not found imitators in the West for a long time.

Bowlees Visitor Centre2.68 KMs away from High Force Waterfalls

Bowlees Visitor Centre has all you need to make your visit to the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty a memorable one. The information point stocks a range of walks leaflets, maps and books about the North Pennines and also has a café and gift shop.  The centre is run by the North Pennines AONB Partnership and includes events, exhibitions, galleries, Gibson's Cave, and waterfalls.

Summerhill Force & Gibson's Cave2.93 KMs away from High Force Waterfalls

Summerhill Force is a picturesque waterfall in a wooded glade near Bowness in Upper Teesdale. Heavily undercut, the recess behind the fall is known as "Gibson's Cave". The waterfall is called Summerhill Force, but because of the recess behind the waterfall it is more affectionately known as Gibson’s Cave.

Teesdale3.96 KMs away from High Force Waterfalls

Teesdale is mostly an upland area within the northern Pennines. Its bleak basalt and limestone moorlands gradually descend eastward from an elevation of about 2,500 to 600 feet (760 to 185 metres) and border the Tees valley on both north and south. One of the nice trekking destination and also you can spend some nice time in the middle of nature.

Cauldron Snout6.54 KMs away from High Force Waterfalls

Cauldron Snout is a waterfall on the River Tees on the border between Cumbria and County Durham. It is an impressive waterfall or probably more correctly a cascade, which tumbles down a gorge beneath Cow Green Reservoir.

Selset Reservoir7.85 KMs away from High Force Waterfalls

Selset Reservoir is a reservoir in County Durham, England. It is situated in Lunedale which is a side valley of the River Tees. It is one of four of the very best wild brown trout fisheries in the UK that we have in the stunning Teesdale countryside. This iconic location is a best place to relax and also you can spend a good time here.

Mickle Fell8.30 KMs away from High Force Waterfalls

Mickle Fell is a massive bow-shaped ridge rising above the surrounding moorland.  is 2,585 feet high and lies slightly off the main watershed of the Pennines, about ten miles south of Cross Fell. After Cross Fell, Mickle Fell is the highest Marilyn within the North Pennines designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  One of the nice trekking destinations and also this location was flourished with natural beauty and scenic views.

Grassholme Reservoir8.37 KMs away from High Force Waterfalls

Grassholme Reservoir is a large reservoir in County Durham, England. Try the beautiful reservoir walk that showcases the views across the water and surrounding landscapes, giving you the perfect atmosphere to reconnect with your loved ones or yourself. It offers a great variety of fishing. Grassholme also enjoys the luxury of its own local fish farm with some of the stocked fish tagged with cash prizes available. You can ‘loose feed’ and ground bait around the reservoir.