Attractions to explore nearby Snake Pass - With photos & details

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Attractions to explore nearby Snake Pass

Snake PassSnake Pass, Glossop SK13 7PQ, UK

Snake Pass is a mountain pass at an elevation of 510m above sea level, located between Manchester and Sheffield in Northern England. The pass is traversed by the A57 road.  Snake Pass has a poor accident record compared with roads in the UK generally, although more favorable compared with other roads in the area. It is regularly closed in winter because of snow and has seen several longer-term closures owing to subsidence following heavy rain.

Longdendale Trail3.74 KMs away from Snake Pass

Longdendale Trail is a beautiful trail that takes you along the route of the old Great Central Manchester Sheffield Railway. It is a very picturesque valley with its five reservoirs surrounded by high moorland. The Trail, which opened in May 1992, forms part of the longer Trans Pennine Trail, NCR 62, that runs from coast to coast across the UK.

Bleaklow4.25 KMs away from Snake Pass

Bleaklow is a high, largely peat-covered, gritstone moorland, just north of Kinder Scout, across the Snake Pass, in the Derbyshire High Peak near the town of Glossop.   It is one of three summits on this plateau above 2,000 feet, the others being Bleaklow Stones, some 1.9 miles to the east along an indefinite ridge, and Higher Shelf Stones. One of the nice trekking destinations and also you can spend some good times here.

Torside Reservoir4.25 KMs away from Snake Pass

Torside Reservoir is the largest man-made lake in Longdendale in north Derbyshire. It was constructed by John Frederick Bateman between April 1849 and July 1864 as part of the Longdendale chain to supply water from the River Etherow to the urban areas of Greater Manchester.

Kinder Scout7.17 KMs away from Snake Pass

Kinder Scout is a high windswept upland gritstone plateau, most of which stands at around 600 metres above sea level. The highest point is Crowden Head, which at 631 meters is also the highest point in the Peak District.  It offers some of the most challenging but rewarding walks in the Peak District, where you’ll encounter gentle streams, dark gritstone, steep rocks to scramble up, unique peat, and the glorious Kinder Downfall.

Jacob's Ladder8.45 KMs away from Snake Pass

Jacob's Ladder is a bridleway between Kinder Scout plateau and the hamlet of Upper Booth in the Vale of Edale, in the Derbyshire Peak District of England.  In the 18th century, Jacob Marshall farmed the land at Edale Head, at the top of what became known as Jacob's Ladder. He cut steps into this steep section of the route up to the Kinder plateau. Jacob's Ladder is also a biblical term referring to the ladder to heaven which Jacob dreamt about.

Etherow Country Park9.66 KMs away from Snake Pass

Etherow Country Park lies at the heart of the Etherow/Goyt Valley and was one of Britain's first country parks. It's one of the most widely visited parks in Stockport. Its 240 acres of greenspace offers a wide variety of plants and wildlife. The River Etherow flows through the park which is the source for the lakes and was originally used as a reservoir to power the water wheel; which in turn provided motorized power for the cotton mill.