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Attractions to explore near Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary
Dandeli Wildlife sanctuaryK.C. Circle, Dandeli Opp. Indian Oil Petrol Bunk, Dandeli, Karnataka 581325, India

An ideal holiday destination for nature lovers which Covers an area of 334. 52 sq kms. This is the second-largest sanctuary in Karnataka and is located on the banks of river Kali.

Nearby Attractions

Dudhsagar Falls
Dudhsagar Falls33.30 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Four-tiered waterfall located on the Mandovi river. The waterfall forms the border between Karnataka and Goa states. The area is surrounded by deciduous forests with rich biodiversity. The falls are not particularly spectacular during the dry season but during the monsoon season, it becomes a huge.

Mahadeva Temple, Tambdi Surla
Mahadeva Temple, Tambdi Surla44.43 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

This is a 12th-century Shaivite temple. It is the only structural temple of the Kadamba period(10th to 14th century) to survive the destructions during Muslim and Portuguese occupations of Goan territory.

Channabasaveshwara Temple
Channabasaveshwara Temple45.17 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

One of the important pilgrimage centers in Karnataka situated in an amidst thick forest in a picturesque location of western ghats.

Salaulim Dam
Salaulim Dam46.41 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Goa’s largest manmade reservoir. The Selaulim dam is a composite earth-cum-masonry dam of 42.7 meters height with a water spread area of 24 square kilometers. The Duckbill type spillway here is an interesting structure to checkout.

Attiveri Bird Sanctuary
Attiveri Bird Sanctuary49.36 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Attiveri bird sanctuary is a paradise for nature lovers, a hotspot of rich biodiversity and home to innumerable species of birds.

Unkal Lake
Unkal Lake55.07 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

A pictorial water spot from where tourists can enjoy the view of sunrise and sunset.

Utsav Rock Garden
Utsav Rock Garden65.33 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Utsav Rock is a World-Class Tourist Spot in Haveri, North Karnataka where art, architecture, and nature all Combine under one roof. Utsav Rock is an ideal place for you and your family for one day picnic near Hubballi and Haveri. Rock garden is the best place for a one-day outing for school kids and college goers educational tours/trips.

Belgaum Fort
Belgaum Fort68.52 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Built by Jaya Raja. The fort has fine ramparts and a large moat, has a rich history with historical and religious monuments dated to the Adil shahi dynasty

Palolem Beach
Palolem Beach69.21 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Crescent-shaped beach. One can view the entire beach from either end. Both ends of the beach consist of rocks jutting out into the sea.

Marikamba Temple
Marikamba Temple69.71 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Hindu temple dedicated to a form of the goddess Durga. There is so many specialties for this temple.

Karwar Beach
Karwar Beach70.43 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Karwar beach is one of the most splendid beach in Karnataka. The main activities in this beach is snorkeling and diving.

Agonda Beach
Agonda Beach71.55 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Stretching for miles, this is one of the best beaches of Goa and the country. During September, the beach serves as a nesting ground for olive ridley sea turtles.

Goa Chitra Museum
Goa Chitra Museum72.53 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

It has a collection of over 4000 artifacts focusing on Goa's traditional agrarian technology and lifestyle. The collection includes examples of local pottery, farming tools, musical instruments, ancient carts and palanquins from different points of the past. It also showcases an organic farm for the cultivation of various vegetables, herbs, spices, sugarcane, and rice which are staples of the area.

Vibhuthi Falls
Vibhuthi Falls72.80 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Vibhoothi waterfalls is one of the many waterfalls in the western ghats. surrounded by large rocks and limestone deposits. The waterfall is a picturesque spot which flows in steps that make it the ideal refuge spots for the summer.

Yana74.70 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Yana is a village located in the forests of Kumta.Which is known for the unusual karst rock formations.

Colva Beach
Colva Beach75.81 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Covered in powdery white sand and lined with coconut palms, this is a very popular and busy beach of Goa.

Tarakeshwara Temple
Tarakeshwara Temple76.56 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Truly a fine example of the architectural marvel of our medieval times which was assigned in the 12th century AD. The complex is a listed monument of the Archaeological Survey of India. It also has three memorial stones which are sculpted with religious and military scenes and inscribed with text in the Kannada language.

Cabo de Rama Fort
Cabo de Rama Fort76.78 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

In the past, the fort has switched hands between Hindu, Muslim monarchs and the Portuguese and witnessed many battles. The present rickety structure with turrets and rusty cannons is a leftover of the Portuguese.

Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary
Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary78.36 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Peacock sanctuary in Bankapura is the second prominent sanctuary for the preservation and breeding of peacocks in India. It is also the one among the two peacock sanctuaries in Karnataka.

Basilica of Bom Jesus
Basilica of Bom Jesus80.66 KMs away from Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

The Basilica is partially in ruins but still a model of elegance, and a fine example of Jesuit architecture. This is the only church in Old Goa, which is unplastered on the outside. The lime plaster which existed earlier was stripped off by a zealous Portuguese conservationist in 1950. The church contains the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier.