Castel Roncolo - Bolzano in Trentino-South Tyrol, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Castel Roncolo - Bolzano

Via Sill, 15, 39100 Bolzano BZ, Italy

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About Castel Roncolo - Bolzano

Runkelstein Castle is a castle medieval dell ' Alto Adige.  It is known for its extensive cycle of frescoes depicting aspects of courtly life and culture, which earned it the nickname "Illustrated Manor".  The castle is located not far from Bolzano on a spur of rock overlooking the Talvera torrent at the mouth of the Val Sarentino, on the edge of the municipal area of Renon. Unlike many other castles in South Tyrol which have been heavily renovated in modern times, Castel Roncolo has essentially

Attractions near Castel Roncolo - Bolzano

South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology2.1km from Castel Roncolo - Bolzano

The South Tyrol Archaeological Museum based in Bolzano is the "home" of Ötzi, the "Iceman", in Italy better known as "Similaun's mummy". The museum welcomes numerous visitors in every season and is one of the first of its kind in Italy.  The exhibition starts from the Paleolithic, to the end, in chronological order, with the High Middle Ages. Models, reconstructions, stereoscopic images, videos, and interactive multimedia stations allow you to take a look at the past of the southern side of the

Piazza Walther2.16km from Castel Roncolo - Bolzano

The Piazza Walther located in the district center of the South Tyrolean provincial capital Bolzano. It owes its name to the poet Walther von der Vogelweide, to whom the Walther monument in the middle of the square, created by Heinrich Natter from Lasa marble, is dedicated. Waltherplatz is one of the most striking points and the social center of the city.

Via Claudia Augusta3.95km from Castel Roncolo - Bolzano

The Via Claudia Augusta was a Roman road whose construction dates from the first half of the first century AD is traditionally believed to have been built to put the Roman world in touch with the Germanic, starting from the Po Valley and reaching through the Alps , the Danube in Bavaria . The route still exists, and since the 1990s increased interest in long-distance hiking and cycling have made the German and Austrian stretches of the Via Claudia Augusta popular among tourists.

Rittner Horn13.34km from Castel Roncolo - Bolzano

The Corno del Renon, is a mountain of the Alps 2,261 m  high. It is located in Italy on the Sarentine Alps, at the northern limit of the Renon plateau and at the southern limit of the Alpe di Villandro.  It is considered one of the most panoramic points of South Tyrol, with a 360 ° view.  One of the beautiful locations and also it is a trekkers paradise.

Seis am Schlern15.87km from Castel Roncolo - Bolzano

Siusi allo Sciliar is a fraction of the Italian municipality of Castelrotto, in the autonomous province of Bolzano. Located at the foot of the Sciliar, at 1,004 m asl, the village gives its name to the Alpe di Siusi, the largest mountain pasture in Europe.  Siusi has a long history as an Alpine tourist resort. In addition to winter sports, practiced from December to March, and obviously hiking sports (trekking and mountaineering). It should be noted that in the nearby hamlet of San Vigilio, ther

Mendel Pass16.55km from Castel Roncolo - Bolzano

The Mendola Pass is an Alpine pass in Trentino-Alto Adige on the national road 42 of the Tonale and Mendola. It is a saddle located between Mount Penegal and Mount Roen and located on a mountain range, the Mendola Coast which to the northeast overhangs the Adige valley and to the southwest slopes gently towards the Nonvalley.  The Mendola pass can be reached from Caldaro via the funicular of the same name , at the top station of which there is a viewpoint over Oltradige and Bassa Atesina.

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Home to the spectacular sawtoothed Dolomites, the semi-autonomous provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol are packed with stunning landscapes. The region has long enticed hikers, climbers, poets and fresh-air fanciers, with the scenic Sella Ronda remaining one of the world's most iconic skiing and cycling circuits.