Alta Badia in Trentino-South Tyrol, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Alta Badia

Str. Burjé, 39033 Corvara in Badia BZ, Italy

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About Alta Badia

Alta Badia is the name used to indicate the upstream portion of Val Badia, separated from the rest of it at the height of the Punt de Fer gorge. In this area extend the South Tyrolean municipalities of Ladin culture of Corvara in Badia. These municipalities also form the homonymous tourist area which also includes the municipality of La Valle.  Tourism, both summer, and winter have given rise to multiple accommodation services. The first development of tourist activities in Alta Badia is linked

Attractions near Alta Badia

Gardena Pass4.73km from Alta Badia

The Gardena pass is an alpine pass in the Dolomites, located at 2,121 m asl between Val Gardena and Val Badia, between the Sella group in the south and the Cir group to the north, connecting Selva di Val Gardena with Corvara in Badia.  The pass is the starting point for many hiking trails.  In the surrounding area, there are numerous ski lifts and ski slopes, including the famous " Dantercepies " and "Cir" which, starting from the pass, reach Selva.

Piz Boè5.56km from Alta Badia

The Piz Boe is a mountain of the Dolomites high 3,152 m, the highest peak of the Sella Group, on the border of the provinces of Belluno, Bolzano, and Trento.  Piz Boè is one of the least difficult 3000 in the Dolomites as regards the technical difficulties and the difference in height: the cable car that starts from the Pordoi pass allows, in fact, to reach the 2,950 m altitude of Sass Pordoi in a few minutes. However, the access route is not unique: at least 4 can be counted with different degr

Parco Naturale Puez Odle6.67km from Alta Badia

The Puez-Odle natural park is a protected natural area that mainly includes two mountain groups: the Puez group and the Odle group, both belonging to the Gardena Dolomites in the Dolomites. Established in 1978 and then expanded in 1999 with the annexation of the Rasciesa area, the protected area is bordered to the west by the Isarco valley, to the north by the Pusteria valley, to the east by the Val Badia and south of Val Gardena.

Sass Pordoi7.18km from Alta Badia

Sass Pordoi is a plateau-like rock summit which was located in the heart of Italy. It is accessible by cable car from the Passo Pordoi ridge.  Also, a hiking tour proceeds up to the peak. The easiest route is the one from the south, the path proceeds beneath the cable car until the summit.  There is a restaurant up there and a lookout platform, famous for its views towards the Marmolada and Langkofel Groups. The cable-car is free-hanging - there are no pillars on the 800m ascent.

Sella Ronda7.31km from Alta Badia

Sella Ronda is the most recognized ski route of the Dolomites.  It is a loop that runs either clockwise or counterclockwise around the massif of the Sella mountain range. This route can easily be accomplished in one day. In winter it is possible to ski around the entire massif by using the Sellaronda ski lift carousel.  The well-connected lifts and superbly prepared pistes will allow you uninterrupted skiing on almost 30 kms of ski runs in one single day.

Pordoi Pass8.11km from Alta Badia

The Pordoi Pass is an Alpine pass in the Dolomites located at 2,239 m asl, located between the Sella Group to the north and the Marmolada group to the south.  From the Pass, you have the quickest access to the Sella group by means of the cable car.  On the Venetian side of the pass, there is an ossuary that collects, in a common tomb, the remains of 454 Germanic fallen and of 8,128 Austro-Hungarian fallen during the Great War. The area around the step is home to numerous installations and ski sl

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Home to the spectacular sawtoothed Dolomites, the semi-autonomous provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol are packed with stunning landscapes. The region has long enticed hikers, climbers, poets and fresh-air fanciers, with the scenic Sella Ronda remaining one of the world's most iconic skiing and cycling circuits.