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Nuraghe Arrubiu - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

località Su Pranu, 09061 Orroli SU, Italy

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About Nuraghe Arrubiu

The Arrubiu nuraghe is a Nuragic complex located in the territory of the municipality of Orroli in the province of Southern Sardinia. It owes its name to the characteristic red color due to the lichens that cover it and is the largest and most complex nuraghe in Sardinia and one of the major proto-historic monuments in all of Western Europe. It is the only premeditated nuraghe present in Sardinia, as well as one of the largest, consisting of a central tower surrounded by five other towers aroun

Attractions Near Nuraghe Arrubiu

Grotta Su Marmuri
Grotta Su Marmuri23.75km from Nuraghe Arrubiu

The cave of Su Marmuri, is located in the territory of the municipality of Ulassai , in the barbaricina subregion of Ogliastra , in central-eastern Sardinia , under the characteristic heel of the town itself, it is considered among the most imposing of Europe. Peculiarities of the cave are the imposing rooms with a very high vault, the numerous calcite concretions , grandiose stalactites , stalagmites and columns.

Su Nuraxi di Barumini
Su Nuraxi di Barumini26.31km from Nuraghe Arrubiu

Su Nuraxi is a nuragic archaeological site in Barumini, Sardinia, Italy. Su Nuraxi simply means "The Nuraghe" in Campidanese, the southern variant of the Sardinian language. Su Nuraxi is a settlement consisting of a seventeenth-century BCE Nuraghe, a bastion of four corner towers plus a central one, and a village inhabited from the thirteenth to the sixth century BCE, developed around the Nuraghe.

Flumendosa28.47km from Nuraghe Arrubiu

The Flumendosa is a river that flows in central-southern Sardinia. With a length of 127 km it is the second river in Sardinia after the Tirso, but first for average annual flow at the mouth. The river was called Saeprus by the Romans. The Flumendosa and its tributaries are regulated by the numerous basins, which contribute to always maintaining a constant flow. Its path is blocked at two different points by massive dams.

Campidano34.41km from Nuraghe Arrubiu

The Campidano is the largest plains of Sardinia, located in the southwestern portion of the island, approximately between 40 ° and 39 ° of latitude north and 8 ° 30 'and 9 ° of longitude east. From a geological point of view, it is a rift valley composed of a system of extending faults that have caused the sinking of a part of the earth's crust.

Sini, Sardinia
Sini, Sardinia35.23km from Nuraghe Arrubiu

The Sinis is a peninsula of the Sardinian west-central located between the Bay of Is Arenas in the north, and the Gulf of Oristano in the south. In the sea to the west of the peninsula is the island of Mal di Ventre and the Scoglio del Catalano. The coast is rocky in the southern part around San Giovanni di Sinis, proceeding northwards it first becomes sandy then, proceeding further north, it is characterized by high cliffs up to Capo Mannu.

Punta La Marmora
Punta La Marmora35.85km from Nuraghe Arrubiu

Punta La Marmora is Sardinia's highpoint and belongs to the Gennargentu Mountain Range. It consists of several smooth ridges - resembling Scotland's highlands - which alone in winter get a share of the island's snowfall. Punta La Marmora is situated just east of the approximate center of Sardinia and the summit offers good views of the entire island. On a clear day, most of the coastline and all the surrounding peaks are visible.

Where is Nuraghe Arrubiu

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Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of Italy. The island attracts more than a million tourists from both Italy, from the rest of Europe, and, to a lesser degree, from the rest of the world. According to statistics, tourist arrivals in 2016 were 2.9 million people.