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Montiferru, 09078 Scano di Montiferro, Province of Oristano, Italy

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About Montiferru

The Montiferru is a sub-region of Sardinia West Central, which takes its name from the massive volcanic namesake. The highest elevation is that of Mount Urtigu. The volcanic complex, extinct for more than a million years, was characterized by eruptions whose lava progressed to create new lands both to the east, with the vast Abbasanta plateau , characterized by basaltic soils, and to the west up to the coastal.

Attractions near Montiferru

Capo Mannu25.6km from Montiferru

Capo Mannu is a promontory located 22 km from Oristano, in Sardinia, which forms the northern starting point of the Sinis peninsula. On the promontory, there is a signaling lighthouse. The territory of the cape belongs administratively to the municipality of San Vero Milis.  It is well known to surfers and windsurfers. The cape is exposed to all winds of the western quadrants, and especially to the mistral. During the storms, it is possible to observe waves of a few meters high.

Lake Omodeo29.8km from Montiferru

Lake Omodeo is a large artificial lake that was built in Sardinia between 1919 and 1924. The lake was built through a dam on the Tirso River in the Santa Chiara d’Ula gorge. A very important lake in Sardinia it was also one of the largest of its kind in Europe for many years. it is an artificial basin where you can enjoy relaxing walks or exploring the waters in a canoe.

Tirso33.55km from Montiferru

The Tirso is the most important river in Sardinia in terms of length and width of its catchment area.  however it is not clear whether the Tirso springs, which are on the border between the provinces of Sassari and Nuoro, really fall within the territory of Buddusò (SS) or that of Bitti (NU). The Tirso crosses the island from east to west and beyond152 km flows into the Gulf of Oristano.

Nuraghe Santu Antine33.91km from Montiferru

The Santu Antine nuraghe , also called sa Domo de su re  is one of the most majestic nuraghes in the whole of Sardinia and is also one of the most important of those existing. The entire complex represents an important example of megalithic architecture and it is assumed that the original height of the central keep reached a measure between 22 and 24 meters, the highest for that period after the Egyptian pyramids and the keep of the Nuragic palace of Arrubiu which measured between 25 and 30 mete

Domus de janas42.84km from Montiferru

The Domus de Janas are prehistoric tombs carved into the rock typical of pre-Nuragic Sardinia.  They are found both isolated and in large groups also formed by more than 40 tombs. From the recent Neolithic to the Early Bronze Age these structures characterized all areas of the island.  More than 2,400 have been discovered, about one for every square kilometer, and it is speculated that many still remain to be found.

Bombarde Beach49.18km from Montiferru

Le Bombarde is a beach in north-western Sardinia located in the municipality of Alghero. It is about 3 km from Fertilia and about ten from Alghero.  The beach is well known by both Sardinians and continental people. For this reason, for several years it has been necessary to build several bar-restaurant kiosks to meet the needs of bathers who do not stay in the hotel. Above the beach, there is paid parking for cars and motorbikes.

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