Tuerredda Island in Sardinia, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Tuerredda Island

Località Tuerredda, 09019 Teulada SU, Italy


About Tuerredda Island

Tuerredda Island is an island located in an inlet between Cape Malfatano and Cape Teulada, in the territory of Teulada, on the southwestern tip of Sardinia.  The profile of the island, which is often green due to its vegetation, also shows its rocky nature from afar It is located about 150 meters from the Sardinian coast and administratively belongs to Teulada, an Italian town in the province of Southern Sardinia, where there is a beach that takes the name of the island.

Attractions near Tuerredda Island

Isola Tuaredda0.53km from Tuerredda Island

L ' Isola Tuerredda is an' island located in an inlet between Cape Malfatano and Cape Teulada , in the territory of Teulada , on the southwestern tip of Sardinia. The profile of the island, which is often green due to its vegetation, also shows its rocky nature from afar. On the island, now uninhabited, there are remains of buildings attributed to the Punic - Phoenician civilization ; there were also found ancient pottery shards.

Capo Spartivento2.45km from Tuerredda Island

Capo Spartivento is a promontory in south-western Sardinia and constitutes the eastern limit of the Gulf of Teulada and the western limit of the Gulf of Cagliari.  It is located about 5 km south-west of Chia in the municipality of Domus de Maria. The promontory is of granite constitution, and its highest point is located at 66 meters above sea level. To the east of the cape, there is the beautiful little beach of portu Simoni Gibudda, known as Cala Cipolla, surrounded by pine and juniper trees.

Su Giudeu Beach4.45km from Tuerredda Island

Su Giudeu is a long, sandy shore with fine, white sand and a shallow seabed. It is particularly suitable for children and has smooth rocks that form a small island a little way out. A popular beach for the alternative and surfing crowd of the island, Su Giudeu features several reefs just above the surface of the sea that make it good scuba diving spot.

Isola Su Giudeu4.6km from Tuerredda Island

The Su Giudeu island is an island of Italy , in Sardinia. It was a paradise of fine, white sand with a shallow, transparent seabed, on the furthermost southwestern coast of Sardinia, that gets its name from the octopus living in the waters around a couple of rocks

Nora20.32km from Tuerredda Island

Nora, an ancient site about 22 miles southwest of Cagliari on the island of Sardinia. Although tradition ascribes its foundation to Iberians from Tartessus, the site, which lies on a triangular promontory ending in a steep cliff, is characteristically Phoenician. The ruins stand in an enchanting setting, overlooking a wide bay with its sandy shore lapped by a crystal clear sea.

Piscinas23.96km from Tuerredda Island

Piscinas is an Italian town of 823 inhabitants in the province of Southern Sardinia, in the Sulcis-Iglesiente region.  Human settlements in the territory are witnessed since the Neolithic ( VII - VI millennium BC ). There are also traces of the subsequent Nuragic, Phoenician - Punic, and Roman civilizations. |One of the iconic area which shows light to the ancient life.

Where is Tuerredda Island

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Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of Italy.  The island attracts more than a million tourists from both Italy, from the rest of Europe, and, to a lesser degree, from the rest of the world. According to statistics, tourist arrivals in 2016 were 2.9 million people.