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About Dabbe Falls

Nestled within the lush green folds of Saravathi wildlife sanctuary, it is a storied waterfall reachable through picturesque trails.

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Attractions Near Dabbe Falls

Jog Falls

Jog Falls

11.42km from Dabbe Falls

Created by the Sharavathi River dropping 253 meters (830 ft), making it the second-highest plunge waterfall in India after the Nohkalikai Falls with a drop of 335 meters (1100 ft) in Meghalaya.

Linganamakki Reservoir

Linganamakki Reservoir

19.99km from Dabbe Falls

Spread across the river Sharavathi, it is one of the major dams of Karnataka with a length of 2.4 kilometers. Connected by canals, the reservoir gets it's water from nearby Chakra and Savahaklu reservoirs and from rainfall in the region.

Koosalli Falls

Koosalli Falls

21.51km from Dabbe Falls

The Koosalli Waterfalls is a large waterfall located in a deep, rocky forest area. It is a cascading waterfall with six different waterfalls dropping from a height of about 470 feet.

Sharavati Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Sharavati Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

22.52km from Dabbe Falls

Spread over an area of 431.23 km2, it has dense evergreen and semi-evergreen forests. The sanctuary is a refuge of the endangered lion-tailed macaque.

Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar Temple

28.73km from Dabbe Falls

"Murdeshwar" is another name of the Hindu god Shiva. Famous for the world's tallest Shiva statue, this beach town lies on the coast of the Arabian Sea and is also famous for the Murdeshwar Temple.

Sri Mookambika Temple

Sri Mookambika Temple

32.45km from Dabbe Falls

The famous temple located in the valley of Kodchadri peak. A good place for mental rejuvenation and for spiritual energy.

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