Lago di Occhito in Molise, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Lago di Occhito

Lago di Occhito, 86040 Macchia Valfortore, Province of Campobasso, Italy

Lake/ River/ Ponds

About Lago di Occhito

The Occhito lake is a large artificial reservoir, created with a barrier on the Fortore. Marks the border between Puglia and Molise for about 10 km. It has a length of about 12 km and half belongs to the province of Campobasso and the remainder to the province of Foggia. It represents the second largest artificial reservoir in Europe by capacity.

Attractions near Lago di Occhito

Villa De Capoa24.13km from Lago di Occhito

The Villa De Capoa is eighteenth-century and is located in Campobasso. The last owner, the countess Marianna de Capoa, donated it in 1875 to the Municipality of Campobasso.  One of the symbolic places of the city, it was designed during 1806, during the reconstruction of the new city after the earthquake of the previous year, during the government of Gioacchino Murat.

Monforte Castle24.17km from Lago di Occhito

The Monforte castle is a national monument and symbol of the city of Campobasso . It takes its name from Count Nicola II Monforte , of the Monforte-Gambatesa family, who restored it in 1458 following the earthquake of 1456. An ancient parchment dating back to 1375 confirms the existence of a castle in the city already on that date, and is the oldest testimony in this regard. It dominates the city at about 790 m asl , almost one hundred more than the average height of the municipality.

Lago di Guardialfiera28.01km from Lago di Occhito

The Guardialfiera or Liscione lake is an artificial reservoir formed in the sixties - seventies by the raising of a dam on the Biferno river in Molise in order to supply drinking water to the surrounding villages for domestic, agricultural and industrial use.

Monti Dauni29.23km from Lago di Occhito

The Monti della Daunia constitute a modest mountain range located along the eastern edge of the Campania Apennines; it occupies the western strip of the province of Foggia in Puglia as well as the south-eastern edge of the province of Campobasso in Molise and also the north-eastern edges of the provinces of Benevento and Avellino in Campania.  One of the nice trekking destination and also a picturesque location too.

Saepinum Archaeological Area31.9km from Lago di Occhito

Saepinum was a Roman town that lies on the plain facing towards the Tammaro valley. It was named allegedly after the Latin verb saepire, which means "to fence in" due to the ancient walled sheepfolds used in the area over transhumance activity. The position of the original town is on the mountain far above the Roman town, and remains of its walls in Cyclopean masonry still exist. It was captured by the Romans in 293 BC.

Castello d'Evoli32.11km from Lago di Occhito

The d'Evoli Castle of Castropignano is a symbol of the culture and the society of transhumance.  The castle is located in the northern part of the town, in a dominant position, it stands on the esplanade overlooking the Biferno valley. ONe of the iconic buildings in this area which is now one of the famous tourist attraction now.

Where is Lago di Occhito

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