Tennis Riviera del Conero in Marche, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Tennis Riviera del Conero

Viale Della Vittoria, 44, 60123 Ancona AN, Italy

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About Tennis Riviera del Conero

The Conero Riviera is the high and rocky stretch of coast of the Adriatic, which from the port of the city of Ancona reaches that of Numana. It takes its name from Monte Conero, which forms the homonymous promontory overlooking the sea, rich in inlets and small rocky or stony beaches; it has a coastline of about twenty kilometers. The territory is protected by the Conero Regional Park, the first regional park in the Marche by date of establishment.

Attractions near Tennis Riviera del Conero

Passetto Beach0.35km from Tennis Riviera del Conero

The Passetto is the most famous rocky beach in Ancona and also the district that takes its name from it. The main public park in the district is that of the Passetto, overlooking the sea; it extends south of the War Memorial and is equipped with an ice rink and a 33-meter swimming pool. Another public green area is the Pineta Bianchi, between via Trieste and via Podgora, formerly part of the private villa from which it takes its name.

Parco del Cardeto0.91km from Tennis Riviera del Conero

The Cardeto Park is the largest urban park in Ancona. Overlooking the sea, surrounded by nature, it occupies the tops of the Cappuccini and Cardeto hills and extends over an area of ​​about 35 hectares, all close to the center. It includes places of historical value, a natural environment of considerable interest and numerous panoramic points on the high coast and the city.

Piazza del Plebiscito1.5km from Tennis Riviera del Conero

Piazza del Plebiscito is a square in Naples located at the end of via Toledo, as soon as you pass Piazza Trieste e Trento.  Located in the historic center, between the seafront and via Toledo, with an area of ​​about 25,000 square meters, the square is one of the largest in the city and in Italy and for this reason, it is the most used for large events.

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Piazza1.63km from Tennis Riviera del Conero

The church of Santa Maria della Piazza is located in Ancona in Piazza Santa Maria, in the ancient Porto district . Built between the 11th and 12th centuries , it is a notable example of the Romanesque style . It was built on an early Christian church of the fourth century restored in the sixth ; a part of the floor of the present church is in glass to allow the vision of the paleochristian mosaics below.

National Archaeological Museum of the Marche Region1.71km from Tennis Riviera del Conero

The National Archaeological Museum of the Marche is located in Ancona, inside the sixteenth - century Palazzo Ferretti. It documents in an almost complete way the prehistory and protohistory of the Marche region; it includes rich collections relating to the Greek, Roman civilization and that of the Senonian Gauls. The finds relating to the Picene civilization form the most complete existing collection; for the richness of its collections, the museum is one of the most important archaeological mu

Port of Ancona1.77km from Tennis Riviera del Conero

The port of Ancona is a port located in the innermost part of the Gulf of Ancona and is, therefore, a natural port in its oldest nucleus; it is the first Italian port for international traffic of vehicles and passengers. Among the first ports of the Adriatic for goods, as far as fishing is concerned, the fish markets of Ancona are together in second place in the Adriatic and in sixth place nationally, while for tons gross tonnage, the fishing port ranks third in Italy and first in the Adriatic w

Where is Tennis Riviera del Conero

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Marche is a central region of Italy on the east coast composed of rolling hills and fertile plains at the base of the Apennine mountains. It is bordered by Umbria in the west, Emilia-Romagna to the north, and Abruzzo to the south.