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Mauria Pass - Things to Know Before Visiting

Mauria Pass, 32040 Lorenzago di Cadore, Province of Belluno, Italy

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About Mauria Pass

The Mauria Pass is an Alpine pass in the Carnic Alps that connects the Veneto to the west with Friuli-Venezia Giulia to the east through the Strada Statale 52 Carnica. The road is full of counter-slope curves immersed in the green alpine landscape, ideal for motorcyclists in the summer; in winter on the Cadore side, there is an illuminated cross-country skiing facility. Halfway, still on the Cadore side in the locality of Borbe, the 4th Piano Festival is famous, a well-known Review of local musi

Attractions Near Mauria Pass

Campanile di Val Montanaia
Campanile di Val Montanaia8.67km from Mauria Pass

The Campanile di Val Montanaia is a peak of the Friulian Dolomites, belonging to the Spalti di Toro group, located in the homonymous valley, in the area of ​​the upper Val Cimoliana , within the territory of the municipality of Cimolais. is a spire 300 meters high and with a base of 60 meters that stands out against the sky in the center of the valley, in a position considered unique because it is clearly separated from the Dolomite spiers making up the surrounding amphitheater.

Lago di Centro Cadore
Lago di Centro Cadore9.92km from Mauria Pass

The Centro Cadore Lake, or simply Cadore Lake, is one of an artificial lake located in the historical and geographical region of Cadore, along the upper reaches of the river Piave. The 2.3 km² basins originated in the 1950s with the construction of the Pieve di Cadore dam, in the Sottocastello area. Narrow and long in shape with a south-north orientation, it reaches the town of Lozzo di Cadore, also involving the municipalities of Calalzo di Cadore, Domegge di Cadore, and Lorenzago di Cadore.

Lago di Sàuris
Lago di Sàuris16.05km from Mauria Pass

The Lake Sauris is an artificial lake located in Val Lumiei, near Sauris, to 977 meters above sea level, located on the road from Ampezzo rooms in Sauris, in locality la Màina, also called " lake of Màina ". The lake ended in 1948 started in 1941. The dam has a domed structure, and at the time of construction, it was the second tallest in Europe.

Val Tramontina
Val Tramontina16.36km from Mauria Pass

The Val Tramontina or Val Meduna is one of the valley Prealpis Carniche . It is located in the province of Pordenone, arranged in a north-south direction and is crossed by the Meduna river. The mild climate found, in summer, in the areas of the Chiarzo and Meduna streams allows bathing in the three municipalities.

Monte Duranno
Monte Duranno16.56km from Mauria Pass

Monte Duranno is the second highest mountain in the Southern Carnic Alps after the Cima dei Preti , which are also known as the Friulian Dolomites in the area. The massif separates the Piave valley from the Cimoliana valley. You can climb the mountain starting from the Maniago refuge . Another support point can be the Paolo Greselin Bivouac.

Val Visdende
Val Visdende19.25km from Mauria Pass

The Visdende Valley is an alpine valley of the Comelico located in Santo Stefano di Cadore and Sappada. The name derives from the Latin vices, that is, from the alternation in the custody of livestock practiced there in past centuries. The valley, a place of undisputed naturalistic value surrounded by majestic spruce woods, was severely hit by the Tempesta Vaia at the end of October 2018, which led to the destruction of about a quarter of the entire forest heritage, or 150 thousand cubic meters

Where is Mauria Pass

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