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20 Attractions to Explore Near Monte Crostis

Monte Crostis
Monte CrostisMonte Crostis, 33020 Rigolato, Province of Udine, Italy

The upstream Crostis is a mountain of the Carnic Alps, 2,251 m high, in the Alpine region of Carnia, in the province of Udine. The destination for many hikers, as from its top you can enjoy a view of all the Carnic Alps, up to the Julian Alps to the east and the Dolomites to the west, the Panoramica delle Vette road is very the end of the climb from Tualis.

Nearby Attractions

Coglians3.84 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Mount Coglians, with its 2,780 m above sea level, is the highest peak in the Carnic Alps and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia. During the First World War, the summit was permanently occupied by Italian troops, who used it as an observation point: the remains of some posts dating back to the Great War are still visible on the top. It can be reached via two routes: the normal, easier route, which starts from the Giovanni e Olinto Marinelli refuge, on the south side, or the via Ferrata on the north s

Wolayersee4.47 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Wolayer See is a mountain lake on the Carinthian side of the Carnic main ridge near the Plöckenpass . It is the center of the nature reserve Wolayer See and the surrounding area. The lake is 1951 m above sea level and is 3.8 hectares in size. It lies in a sinkhole that is tectonically formed and shaped by the Wolayer Glacier during the Ice Age The lake's underground water feeds two sources: one on Austrian territory, the second on Italian territory south of the Lambertenghi hut.

Pal Piccolo
Pal Piccolo5.43 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Pal Piccolo is a mountain of Alps high 1866 m, located near the Pass of Monte Croce Carnico, on the border between Italy and Austria. Although it is a secondary peak, it owes its importance to the fighting that took place there inWorld War I, between 1915 and 1917; today on the top of the mountain there is an open-air museum, where it is possible to visit the remains of the trenches and barracks used by the Italian and Austro-Hungarian troops during the conflict.

Plöcken Pass
Plöcken Pass6.53 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Plöckenpass, 1357 m above sea level. A is a 37 km long pass in the Carnic Alps on the route from Kötschach-Mauthen in Gailtal to Timau in Friuli, Italy. From there the road goes south to Tolmezzo and Udine. West of the top of the pass is the Frischenkofel, to the east the Kleine Pal. Both mountains are part of the open-air museum on the Plöckenpass, which illustrates the fortifications from the mountain war of 1915-1918.

Bordaglia Lake
Bordaglia Lake8.01 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Lake Bordaglia is a small alpine lake situated 1,750 m s.lm in the municipality of Forni Avoltri. Considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Carnia, it is part of the Bordaglia-Flèons wildlife oasis established by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in 1968. Surrounded by ancient larch and pine woods, it has a rather varied flora, with protected species such as gentians and a precious variety of orchids; it is rich in shrub vegetation where the black woodpecker, the collared blackbird, a

Monte Zoncolan
Monte Zoncolan8.51 KMs away from Monte Crostis

Monte Zoncolan is a mountain in the Carnic Alps, located in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy, with an elevation of 1,750 meters. It is one of the most demanding climbs in professional road bicycle racing. The mountain also holds the ski resort of Ravascletto with 22 km of slopes and a skiable height between 950 and 2000 m. It was one of the picturesque locations in this area and it attracts a lot of tourists here,

Val Pesarina
Val Pesarina9.33 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Pesarina is one of eight valleys of Carnia, growing to approximately 22 km west-east, crossed by the river Pesarina which takes its name, bordering Cadore and the Sappada Valley to the west, with which it shares some mountain peaks. In the valley lies the municipality of Prato Carnico, with the hamlets of Croce, Avausa, Pieria, Oasis , Pradumbli, Pesariis, Sostasio, Prico , Truia and Luc and is crossed by the SR 465 which connects it on one side with Comeglians and Ovaro and on the other wit

Gailtal Alps
Gailtal Alps15.36 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Gailtal is a valley running from East Tyrol to Carinthia . It starts in Kartitsch and ends in Villach . The Gailtal does not form a hydrogeographical unit: the majority of the valley is drained by the Gail towards the east, where it flows into the Drava at the village of Maria Gail ; the westernmost section of the valley, on the other hand, is drained by the Gailbach towards the west. The Kartitscher saddle is the valley watershed.

Lago di Sàuris
Lago di Sàuris18.91 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Lake Sauris is an artificial lake located in Val Lumiei, near Sauris, to 977 meters above sea level, located on the road from Ampezzo rooms in Sauris, in locality la Màina, also called " lake of Màina ". The lake ended in 1948 started in 1941. The dam has a domed structure, and at the time of construction, it was the second tallest in Europe.

Val Visdende
Val Visdende20.31 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Visdende Valley is an alpine valley of the Comelico located in Santo Stefano di Cadore and Sappada. The name derives from the Latin vices, that is, from the alternation in the custody of livestock practiced there in past centuries. The valley, a place of undisputed naturalistic value surrounded by majestic spruce woods, was severely hit by the Tempesta Vaia at the end of October 2018, which led to the destruction of about a quarter of the entire forest heritage, or 150 thousand cubic meters

Passo del Cason di Lanza
Passo del Cason di Lanza21.47 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Cason di Lanza pass is the highest automotive Alpine pass in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, located in the province of Udine, in the Eastern Carnic Alps, connecting Paularo in Carnia east to the west with Pontebba to the east, just south of the state border with Austria, along a mountainous carriage road, about 14.5 km long with an elevation gain of about 950 m, Tight, with strong slopes, surrounded by forests of fir trees, which runs through the west of the same name Val di Lanza and east crossed b

Val D'Arzino
Val D'Arzino22.07 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Val d'Arzino is a valley of the Carnic Alps, in the province of Udine and Pordenone: crossed by the stream Arzino (hence the name), extends longitudinally from the valley of Preone to the municipality of Pinzano al Tagliamento and latitudinally from the town of Vito d'Asio to the town of Forgaria nel Friuli , including the first municipalities touched by the stream

Trogkofel24.96 KMs away from Monte Crostis

Trogkofel is a mountain in the Carnic Alps located on the border between Friuli, Italy, and Carinthia, Austria. It lies on the main ridge of the Carnic between the AIP Valley to the south and the valley of Gail in the north and is the second-highest of the eastern mountain ridge after Gailtaler Politik. The mountain is known as Crete Rosse, which means Red Rocky Mountain in Friuli.

Val d'Aupa
Val d'Aupa29.40 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Val d'Aupa is a valley of the Carnic Alps Eastern, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which connects the towns of Moggio Udinese and Pontefract, in the province of Udine: 15 km long, crossed by the stream of the same name, it has a north-south direction, begins at the Sella di Cereschiatis and opens first towards the south-west, then towards the south, up to the confluence with the Canal del Ferro at Moggio.

Nassfeld30.06 KMs away from Monte Crostis

A beautiful ski resort in the district Hermagor of the Austrian state of Carinthia. It is located below the Nassfeld Pass. Lake Pressegg is nearby, where it is possible to swim in summer and ice skate in the winter. The area has 30 ski lifts: 5 Gondolas, 4 Six-Seater Chairlifts, 4 four-seater chairlifts and 17 tow lifts. The ski resort has over 220 snow machines for creating artificial snow and 110 km of ski tracks.

Lago di Cavazzo
Lago di Cavazzo30.60 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Lake Cavazzo is the largest lake nature of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Also known as the lake of the Three Municipalities, a denomination proposed in 1948 by a consortium which then brought together the three municipalities bathed by the lake itself, this denomination is not recognized by the municipality of Cavazzo Carnico.

Oberes Drautal
Oberes Drautal31.29 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Obere Drautal is part of the Drautal in Carinthia and East Tyrol . It extends from Lienz to Möllbrücke . In the north the Obere Drautal is bordered by the Schobergruppe and the Kreuzeckgruppe , in the south by the Lienz Dolomites and the Gailtal Alps .

Gartnerkofel31.66 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Gartnerkofel is one of the three distinctive mountain peaks on the Carinthian Nassfeld and a beautiful mountain tour for the whole family . With the starting point at the top station of the Gartnerkofel chairlift , the Gartnerkofel hike is an easy summit tour. The ascent runs in a pleasant, even incline, partly over the slopes of the ski area. The last stretch to the summit cross requires a bit of stamina and a head for heights. But there are no really exposed spots on the whole way.

Mauria Pass
Mauria Pass31.75 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Mauria Pass is an Alpine pass in the Carnic Alps that connects the Veneto to the west with Friuli-Venezia Giulia to the east through the Strada Statale 52 Carnica. The road is full of counter-slope curves immersed in the green alpine landscape, ideal for motorcyclists in the summer; in winter on the Cadore side, there is an illuminated cross-country skiing facility. Halfway, still on the Cadore side in the locality of Borbe, the 4th Piano Festival is famous, a well-known Review of local musi

Lac de Tramonti
Lac de Tramonti33.07 KMs away from Monte Crostis

The Lake Tramonti is an artificial lake located in the Tramontina valley, between the municipalities of Tramonti di Sopra and Tramonti di Sotto, in the province of Pordenone. The 50.6 m high dome-shaped dam is located on the southern part of the lake, in the town of Ponte Racli. The crowning is accessible and is part of the access road to the hamlets of Chievolis, Inglagna, Posplata, and two nearby hydroelectric power stations that harness the water of the Meduna River.