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Gallipoli castle - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Piazza Imbriani Ingresso dal mercato coperto, 73014 Gallipoli LE, Italy

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About Gallipoli castle

The castle of Gallipoli , almost completely surrounded by the sea, stands with its imposing mass at the eastern end of the island that is home to the ancient village. Probably built as early as the 11th century on pre-existing Roman fortifications, it was rebuilt in the 13th century in the Byzantine era. It was remodeled several times by the conquerors who followed one another over the centuries.

Attractions Near Gallipoli castle

Parco naturale regionale Porto Selvaggio e Palude del Capitano

The Porto Selvaggio and Palude del Capitano regional natural park is a protected natural area in Puglia located in the province of Lecce established by the regional law of 15 March 2006. It includes the area of ​​the equipped regional natural park of "Porto Selvaggio - Torre Uluzzo" and the marsh of the Captain. The coast is rocky and jagged and characterized by pine forests and Mediterranean scrub.

Torre San Giovanni
Torre San Giovanni22.95km from Gallipoli castle

Torre San Giovanni is a Salento seaside resort located on the Ionian Sea, in the province of Lecce. It is a fraction of the municipality of Ugento, which is about 5 km away, located between Torre Mozza and the marinas of Alliste, rises 3 meters above sea level with 430 inhabitants throughout the year and over 50,000 residents during the summer.

Porto Cesareo
Porto Cesareo23.9km from Gallipoli castle

Porto Cesareo is an Italian town of 6 194 inhabitants in the province of Lecce in Puglia. The tourist resort of Salento located on the Ionian coast of the Salento peninsula is 26.9 km from the provincial capital and is home to the Porto Cesareo Marine Protected Area and the Palude del Conte and Duna Costiera Regional Nature Reserve.

Isola dei Conigli
Isola dei Conigli24.23km from Gallipoli castle

L ' Island of Rabbits is a Italian island belonging to ' archipelago of the Pelagie Islands, in Sicily. The islet, of 4.4 hectares, protected natural reserve, is located within a bay elected by TripAdvisor users, in the Travelers' Choice Awards, the most beautiful beach in the world in 2013, Europe and of Italy in 2014, 2015 and 2019.

Punta Prosciutto
Punta Prosciutto31.58km from Gallipoli castle

Punta Prisuddi is a seaside town in the municipality of Porto Cesareo and in the extreme north-west of the province of Lecce, in Salento. The white sand beaches stretch out for several kilometers and behind them extend centuries-old dunes, covered by the typical Mediterranean vegetation of Salento. The raising of the seabed has generated a humid area that has produced a particular habitat for the establishment of a particular flora and fauna.

Marina di Pescoluse
Marina di Pescoluse34.62km from Gallipoli castle

Pescoluse is a seaside resort in the province of Lecce and a hamlet of Salve. It is located in the lower Salento, on the stretch of the Ionian coast between Torre Pali and Torre Vado, the height of the Fano canal. The coast is low and sandy, characterized by the presence of dunes behind it. The peculiarity of the beach is that it has very fine and very clear sand, the finest in Salento. The coast faces south and its particular position allows Pescoluse to enjoy clear and crystalline water durin

Where is Gallipoli castle

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Apulia is a region of Italy, located in the southern peninsular section of the country, bordering the Adriatic Sea to the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast, and the Strait of Otranto and Gulf of Taranto to the south. The region comprises 19,345 square kilometers, and its population is about four million.