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Polignano a Mare

70044 Polignano a Mare, Metropolitan City of Bari, Italy

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About Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare is an Italian town of 17 982 inhabitants in the metropolitan city of Bari in Puglia. The oldest part of the town stands on a rocky spur overlooking the Adriatic Sea 33 kilometers south of the capital.  The country's economy is essentially based on tourism and horticulture.  Its sea caves are of considerable naturalistic interest and the historic center and the remains of Roman domination are historically important.

Attractions near Polignano a Mare

St. Stephen Castle11.73km from Polignano a Mare

The castle of Santo Stefano is an important coastal fortification located outside the city of Monopoli. Throughout the Middle Ages, it was an essential component of the complex and articulated Monopolitan defense system. it was built on a small peninsula extending between two inlets that form two small natural ports, namely the current Santo Stefano and Ghiacciolo beaches. With the presence of a well from which to draw groundwater, it was the seat of the Benedictine monastery.

Grotte di Castellana14.63km from Polignano a Mare

The caves of Castellana are a complex of underground caves of karst origin of speleological and tourist interest, located in the Italian municipality of Castellana Grotte, in Puglia.  Attached to the complex there is a speleological museum. The entrance is represented by an enormous vertical tunnel 60 meters long. The main cave is named "La Grave",  and others are named Black Cavern, White Cave, and Precipice Cavern.

Lido Sabbiadoro16.4km from Polignano a Mare

Lignano Sabbiadoro, until 1959 a fraction of Latisana, is an Italian town of 6 837 inhabitants in the province of Udine in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Located on the Upper Adriatic, on the border with Veneto, it is known for its tourist vocation.  It is one of the main summer resorts in northern Italy and on the Adriatic Sea coast.

Zoosafari20.61km from Polignano a Mare

The Zoosafari of Fasano and Fasanolandia is a tourist complex that includes a zoological garden and an amusement park located in Fasano, in the province of Brindisi. The area covers thirty hectares and is home to about 3000 animals of 200 different species, which can be observed along a car route. Particularly interesting are the groups of giraffes, zebras, lions, and Tibetan bears, as well as the only polar bears in Italy.

Trullo Sovrano23.1km from Polignano a Mare

The trullo ( ancient Greek τροῦλλος trûllos , " dome ") is a type of conical construction in traditional dry stone of central-southern Puglia . Trulli were generally built as temporary shelters in the countryside or permanent homes for farmers. Much of the agglomeration of Alberobello in the metropolitan city of Bari consists of trulli.

Pinacoteca metropolitana di Bari31.98km from Polignano a Mare

The Metropolitan Art Gallery of Bari "Corrado Giaquinto" is an important Italian art museum.  It was established on 12 July 1928 and initially housed in the local Government Palace. The Pinacoteca is named after the eighteenth-century Apulian painter Corrado Giaquinto. It offers the visitor a wide and articulated panorama of the Apulian artistic culture or in a direct or indirect relationship with Puglia.

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Apulia is a region of Italy, located in the southern peninsular section of the country, bordering the Adriatic Sea to the east, the Ionian Sea to the southeast, and the Strait of Otranto and Gulf of Taranto to the south. The region comprises 19,345 square kilometers, and its population is about four million.