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Sacro Bosco

Località Giardino, 01020 Bomarzo VT, Italy

Botanical Gardens

About Sacro Bosco

A beautiful garden which was made in wood and many of its giant sculptures were carved from living rock. Stylistically, Bomarzo represents a step towards the drama of the Baroque. The garden was created during the 16th century. The park's name stems from the many larger-than-life sculptures, some sculpted in the bedrock, which populate this predominantly barren landscape.

Attractions near Sacro Bosco

Oasi naturalistica Lago di Alviano12.58km from Sacro Bosco

The Alviano Lake Naturalistic Oasis is a protected natural area managed by WWF Italy which is located in Umbria, in the province of Terni. The area has an area of ​​about 900 hectares, which mainly fall within the territory of the Madonna del Porto hamlet, in the municipality of Guardea (where the entrance to the oasis is located), but which also partly extend into the municipalities of Alviano, Montecchio and Civitella d'Agliano.

Narni Sotterranea22.09km from Sacro Bosco

Narni underground is a complex of hypogea rediscovered since 1977, consisting for the most part of water cisterns and rooms used for different uses, both by the population and by the monastic orders. Some of them are now open to the public. The historic center of Narni is full of artificial cavities, especially cisterns to collect and store water. For this reason, in 1981 the first-ever conference on artificial cavities was organized in the city, which traced a path followed by many archaeologic

Rocca Di Narni22.52km from Sacro Bosco

The Rocca Albornoziana of Narni is a stronghold located in the homonymous city, in southern Umbria.  It was built in 1367 for defensive purposes at the behest of Cardinal Egidio Albornoz and is located at 332 m asl. It dominates the town and the valley of the Nera river from a very favorable strategic position. It overlooks, on one side, the Ternana basin, being able to easily control the access roads to Perugia, Amelia, and Terni; on the other side, it faces the SSO, dominating the via Flaminia

Lago di Corbara25.04km from Sacro Bosco

Lake Corby is an artificial lake of ' central Italy, which was formed with the construction in the sixties of the hydroelectric reservoir of the same name on the river Tiber. It takes its name from the hamlet of Corbara, a town in the municipality of Orvieto. Characterized by jagged banks that stretch into a deep and narrow gorge that creeps almost as far as Todi, it is bordered on the left bank by the state road 448. It is part, together with the surrounding territories, of the Tiber River Park

Lake Bolsena26.94km from Sacro Bosco

Lake Bolsena is the largest lake in the northern part of the region of Lazio in Italy and the largest volcanic lake in the whole country. The lake is home to many different varieties of fish and sea-life, and borders fine, black sand beaches. The lakeside towns are famous for their beautiful gardens and the lake area holds an annual flower festival that is really quite delightful!

Orvieto Underground27.31km from Sacro Bosco

Orvieto, a millenary city suspended almost by magic between heaven and earth, has revealed another of those aspects that make it unique and extraordinary: a labyrinth of grottoes is hidden in the silent darkness of the rupe (rock). The distinctive geological nature of the mass of stone on which it stands allowed its inhabitants to dig, in the course of about 2500 years, an incredible number of cavities extending, overlapping and intersecting beneath the modern structure of the city.

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Lazio is one of the 20 administrative regions of Italy. Situated in the central peninsular section of the country, it has 5,864,321 inhabitants – making it the second most populated region of Italy – and its GDP of more than €197 billion per year means that it has the nation's second-largest regional economy. The capital of Lazio is Rome, which is also the capital and largest city of Italy.