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Sagittario, 65026 Popoli, Province of Pescara, Italy

Lake/ River/ Ponds

About Sagittario

A beautiful river in Italy which is the main tributary of the Aterno-Pescara. Its source is located near Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise and Scanno. The river flows through so many beautiful locations and it makes the river much beautiful.

Attractions near Sagittario

Hermitage of Saint Venantius5.01km from Sagittario

The Hermitage of San Venanzio is the site the ancient hermitage of Saint Venantius of Camerino, located above a stream in a remote ravine within a few kilometers north of Raiano, Province of L'Aquila in the Abruzzo, Italy. One of the ancient pilgrimage sites in this area which was also a important site till today.

Valle Peligna9.04km from Sagittario

The Valle Peligna, also known as Conca di Sulmona, is a plateau in central Abruzzo, southern Italy, included in the province of L'Aquila. It has a surface of some 100 km². The valley is crossed by the rivers Aterno and Sagittario. In addition to Sulmona, the main centers in the plateau include Raiano, Vittorito, Corfinio, Pratola Peligna and Pacentro.

The Abbazia di Santo Spirito del Morrone is a former monastery some five kilometers outside of the town of Sulmona, at the base of Monte Morrone, in the Province of L'Aquila, region of Abruzzo, Italy. This was the main abbey of the Celestine order, a Benedictine order offshoot. By the 19th century, the abbey was deconsecrated, functioning more recently as a prison. In the last decades, restoration has proceeded and it now serves as a Museum.

Montagne del Morrone14.52km from Sagittario

The Morrone mountains are a mountain group of the Abruzzo Apennines that overlooks the city of Sulmona, enclosed between the Peligna Valley to the west, the Aterno river to the north, and the Majella to the east, from which it is separated by the valley of the Orta stream. Inserted in the territory of the Mountain Community of Maiella and Morrone, it affects the territories of the municipalities of Sulmona, Pratola Peligna, Roccacasale, Pacentro, Corfinio, Sant'Eufemia a Maiella, and Caramanica

Oratory of San Pellegrino17.4km from Sagittario

Oratory of San Pellegrino is located in Bominaco, a hamlet not far from Caporciano, in the province of L’Aquila. It was probably commissioned by Abbott Teodino in 1263 – as attested by the inscription on the back wall of the structure – and was dedicated to martyr Saint Peregrine.  This Romanesque-style building actually has inner walls covered in wonderful frescoes, considered amongst the most representative of Medieval Gothic style, at par with the ones in the nearby church of Santa Maria ad C

Monte Sirente17.95km from Sagittario

The Monte Sirente is the top highest of a short mountain range of ' Abruzzese Apennines, including in turn in the chain of Sirente and the homonymous Regional Park Sirente: included among the sites of community interest in Abruzzo, it mainly falls within the territories of the municipalities of Celano, Rocca di Mezzo, Ovindoli, Secinaro, Aielli, and Gagliano Aterno.

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Most of the region is mountainous or hilly. The few small coastal harbours have little economic importance for fishing or commerce. One of the famous greenish areas in Italy are here.