Cammino dei briganti in Abruzzo, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Cammino dei briganti

67067 Sante Marie, Province of L'Aquila, Italy

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About Cammino dei briganti

The Cammino dei Briganti is a long-distance circular path that runs between Abruzzo and Lazio , straddling the historical-geographical regions of Marsica and Cicolano . About 100 kilometers long, it does not exceed 1,200 m asl except for the optional stage of the Duchessa lake.

Attractions near Cammino dei briganti

Riserva naturale regionale Grotte di Luppa2.72km from Cammino dei briganti

Riserva Naturale Regionale Grotte di Luppa is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Sante Marie, in the province of L'Aquila. The reserve occupies approximately 435 hectares and was established in 2005. The reserve takes its name from the Luppa valley, a locality located on the border of the Marsican municipalities of Sante Marie and Carsoli.

Grotta del Cervo7.11km from Cammino dei briganti

The Grotta dei Cervi is a natural coastal cave , located along the Salento coast in Porto Badisco in the Municipality of Otranto. It was discovered on February 1, 1970 by five members of the "Pasquale de Lorentiis Salentino Speleological Group" of Maglie (Isidoro Mattioli, Severino Albertini, Remo Mazzotta, Enzo Evangelisti and Daniele Rizzo, to which Nunzio Pacella and Giuseppe Salamina were also added [ 1] ) and is the most impressive Neolithic painting complex in Europe. At first it was given

Riserva Naturale Grotte di Pietrasecca7.2km from Cammino dei briganti

The special nature reserve of the Caves of Pietrasecca is a protected natural area located in Pietrasecca, a hamlet of the municipality of Carsoli, in the province of L'Aquila. The reserve was established in 1992. The caves are included among the sites of community interest in Abruzzo.  The protected area which has an extension of about 110 hectares is located in the municipality of Carsoli in the Cavaliere plain.

The Montagne Della Duchessa regional nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the mountainous territory of the Montagne Della Duchessa, entirely included in the territory of the municipality of Borgorose, in Cicolano, in the province of Rieti. Established with Regional Law 70/90 and extended for about 3500 hectares, it is part of the system of Protected Areas of the Lazio Region, with the eastern and southern border which coincides with the regional border of the neighboring regionA

Monte Velino15.76km from Cammino dei briganti

Monte Velino is one of the highest mountains of Central Italy with an altitude of 2487 meters. It belongs to the Appenino Centrale Group close to the boundary between Lazio and Abruzzo Regions. Its calcareous structure is easily recognizable from all the most important summits in Abruzzo and Lazio, and with good weather conditions, its shape can be seen even from Rome.

Area archeologica di Alba Fucens17.39km from Cammino dei briganti

Alba Fucens, the ancient Roman city at the base of Monte Velino (Province of Aquila), is an archaeological jewel that one should most definitely explore. In fact, the ruins that emerged from excavations initiated by Fernand De Visscher in 1949 are truly remarkable. It is chiefly remarkable for its finely preserved fortifications and so more.

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