Piccolomini Castle in Abruzzo, Italy - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Piccolomini Castle

largo Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto, s.n.c, 67043 Celano AQ, Italy

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About Piccolomini Castle

Castello Piccolomini is a Middle Ages-Renaissance castle in Balsorano, Province of L'Aquila. The castle was built by Antonio Piccolomini, nephew of pope Pius II, in 1460. Now it is a hotel and it has been used as a location for several Italian films. It has an irregular pentagonal plan with circular towers at each corner. The building is in stone and the main entrance is through the surrounding park. The internal courtyard is L shaped with a well in the middle.

Attractions near Piccolomini Castle

Val d'Arano5.04km from Piccolomini Castle

The Val d'Àrano is a mountain valley located in the municipality of Ovindoli, in Abruzzo, included in the Sirente-Velino regional natural park and indicated, together with the Aielli-Celano gorges and the Serra, among the sites of community interest of Abruzzo.  The small mountain valley, included in the protected territory of the Sirente-Velino regional natural park , is located in the municipality of Ovindoli, in Abruzzo.

Sirente-Velino Regional Park6.41km from Piccolomini Castle

Sirente-Velino Regional Park, among the largest and most important parks in Italy,  is the one and only regional park in Abruzzi. It is an enchanting natural setting alternating gentle and relaxing landscapes with steep rocky walls and an ideal habitat for the most interesting flora and fauna living in Central Italy. It is a great example of history since its towns preserve temples, castles, towers, and medieval evidence surrounded by extraordinary natural features.

Monte Magnola Impianti s.r.l7.87km from Piccolomini Castle

The Mount Magnola is a mountain belonging to the mountain range of the mountains of Magnola on the eastern side of the mountain Sirente homonymous Regional Nature Park of ' Abruzzese Apennines. It is home to the homonymous ski resort of Ovindoli. One of the nice trekking and skiing destination and also other neighboring areas of naturalistic interest are Mount Faito and Pizzo di Ovindoli.

Monte Sirente8.6km from Piccolomini Castle

The Monte Sirente is the top highest of a short mountain range of ' Abruzzese Apennines, including in turn in the chain of Sirente and the homonymous Regional Park Sirente: included among the sites of community interest in Abruzzo, it mainly falls within the territories of the municipalities of Celano, Rocca di Mezzo, Ovindoli, Secinaro, Aielli, and Gagliano Aterno.

Fucine Lake9.97km from Piccolomini Castle

Fucine Lake, or Lago Fucino in Italian, was the source of misery since ancient times. The lake had no natural outlet, causing the lake’s water to spill over and frequently flood the surrounding villages. The local inhabitants pressed Julius Caesar to drain the lake and reclaim the valley, but before Caesar could draw up a plan, he was assassinated.

Area archeologica di Alba Fucens11.06km from Piccolomini Castle

Alba Fucens, the ancient Roman city at the base of Monte Velino (Province of Aquila), is an archaeological jewel that one should most definitely explore. In fact, the ruins that emerged from excavations initiated by Fernand De Visscher in 1949 are truly remarkable. It is chiefly remarkable for its finely preserved fortifications and so more.

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Most of the region is mountainous or hilly. The few small coastal harbours have little economic importance for fishing or commerce. One of the famous greenish areas in Italy are here.