Deutsches Optisches Museum in Thuringia, Germany - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Deutsches Optisches Museum

Carl-Zeiss-Platz 12, 07743 Jena, Germany


About Deutsches Optisches Museum

The German Optical Museum Jena is a science and technology museum.  It displays optical instruments from eight centuries. It gives a technical and cultural-historical survey of the development of optical instruments. With changing special exhibitions and extensive educational programs, the Optical Museum was popular at this time as an educational location for school groups, tourists, and the population of the city of Jena.

Attractions near Deutsches Optisches Museum

JenTower0.36km from Deutsches Optisches Museum

The Jentower is a high-rise in Jena. With a height of 144.5 m. it is the tallest office building in the new federal states according to the official height.  It has 31 floors, including 2 basement floors and 29 upper floors. The tower is built using a sliding formwork method on a 3.20 m thick reinforced concrete base plate. The Jentower is currently owned by Saller Gewerbebau.

Planetarium Jena0.71km from Deutsches Optisches Museum

Zeiss Planetarium is a thin shell and planetarium building that was completed in 1926. The project is located in Jena, Thüringen. visitors can experience a “star theatre” that employs the latest computer-controlled technologies. The dome roof itself was also extensively refurbished and, since 2012, once again boasts its original green colour.

Leuchtenburg castle13.94km from Deutsches Optisches Museum

Leuchtenburg Castle towers 400 meters high above the valley, visible from far afield. This castle complex is almost 1000 years old and here you can feel the breath of history and discover internationally renowned architecture. it currently houses the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance. It was once home to the Leuchtenberg Gallery on the first floor.

Schloss Belvedere16.29km from Deutsches Optisches Museum

The castle Belvedere is a lushly landscaped pleasure palace complex near the city of Weimar. The entire complex, including the park with its many exotic plants, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998 as part of the “ Classic Weimar ” ensemble. The castle with its numerous outbuildings and a landscape park with an orangery is located on the Eichenleite near Weimar, a hill about four kilometers south of the city center.

Tiefurt Mansion and Park16.8km from Deutsches Optisches Museum

A majestic mansion which was built in 1765 as a tenement house for a grand-ducal demesne, Schloss Tiefurt served from 1776 as the residence of Prince Friedrich Ferdinand Constantin.  Tiefurt Park covers an area of 21 hectares on both sides of the Ilm. Gently sloping fields with beautiful groups of trees stretch to the bank of the river. A steep slope covered with dense forest rises on the far side. Numerous memorials and park constructions invite visitors to linger.

Haus am Horn17.56km from Deutsches Optisches Museum

The model house Am Horn is an experimental house of the Bauhaus in Weimar. The reason for building this single house based on a design by Georg Muche was the first Bauhaus exhibition in 1923. It served as an object to show how the Bauhaus imagined future communal living and working. It should offer a practicable answer to the housing shortage, with modular, cost-effective construction, use-oriented floor plan and living comfort through modern technology.

Where is Deutsches Optisches Museum

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Thuringia is known for its quartet of magnificent ancient cities and Wartburg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because of its vast mountainous and forested region, it is also designated as "the green heart of Germany".