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Turingia Baseno

Turingia Baseno, 99634, Germany

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About Turingia Baseno

Turingia Baseno is the fertile agricultural region of Germany, between the Harz mountains on the north and the Thuringian Forest range on the south. It extends westward from the Saxon lowland. The basin’s eastward-flowing streams. The Basin is surrounded by a wide outer girdle of limestone ridges and the view of this place is truly breathtaking.

Attractions near Turingia Baseno

Thuringian Zoo Park, Erfurt14.14km from Turingia Baseno

The Thuringian Zoopark Erfurt in the north of the state capital Erfurt is the largest zoological garden in Thuringia .  The total area of ​​the zoo is about 63 hectares, whereby only about 48 hectares are used zoologically. The zoo park today includes around 1000 animals from around 133 different species.

Old Synagogue19.04km from Turingia Baseno

The Old Synagogue is one of very few preserved medieval synagogues in Europe. Thanks to the extensive preservation of the original structure, it has a special place in the history of art and architecture and is among the most impressive and highly rated architectural monuments in Erfurt and Thuringia.

Petersberg Citadel19.04km from Turingia Baseno

The Petersberg Citadel is a unique ensemble illustrating European fortress architecture in the 17th to 19th century. It has a Baroque core. From 1815, there was neo-Prussian modernization work, of which the defense barracks and artillery wagon houses have survived.  The citadel was built on the site of a medieval Benedictine Monastery and the earliest parts of the complex date from the 12th century. It is now the home of the German Horticulture Museum.

Krämerbrücke19.06km from Turingia Baseno

The Krämerbrücke is the oldest secular building in Erfurt and is one of the most famous landmarks of the city with a double-sided, closed bridge construction with half-timbered houses. It is the longest continuously built bridge in Europe. The pedestrian bridge spans the Gera, known here as Breitstrom, and connects Benediktsplatz in the old town center with Wenigemarkt in the eastern extension of the old town.

Fischmarkt19.1km from Turingia Baseno

The Fischmarkt, or literally in Italian Fish Market Square, is the central square of the city of Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, Germany.  In the Middle Ages, various markets were held here, and slowly the area developed to become the hub and social center of the city. In fact, in 1275 a first Town Hall was built on the eastern side. During 2013 the square was completely restored and pedestrianized.

Erfurt Cathedral19.27km from Turingia Baseno

Erfurt Cathedral is an impressive Gothic cathedral with some Romanesque parts situated on a hillside in Erfurt. Inside are many important art masterpieces. It  is the largest and oldest church building in the Thuringian city of Erfurt, central Germany. It is the episcopal seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erfurt. One of the main pilgrimage centres in this area and  also a tourist spot too.

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Thuringia is known for its quartet of magnificent ancient cities and Wartburg Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because of its vast mountainous and forested region, it is also designated as "the green heart of Germany".