Wildlife Park Eekholt in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany - get details, & find more attractions to visit nearby

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Wildlife Park Eekholt

Eekholt 1, 24623 Großenaspe, Germany


About Wildlife Park Eekholt

The Wildlife Park Eekholt is a park in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein and hosts more than a 100 species of Central Europe. 700 animals and more are living on a 67 h area, with beautiful meadows, little rivers, and forests, a very natural habitat. It is also a place for the education of environmental protection.

Attractions near Wildlife Park Eekholt

Großer Plöner See31.16km from Wildlife Park Eekholt

The Große Plöner See, also just Plöner See, is the largest lake in Schleswig-Holstein and the tenth-largest lake in Germany with a good 28 km². It extends southwest of the city of Plön, which lies on its bank. With a lake area of ​​28 km² and a depth of up to 56 m, the lake, which lies entirely in the Holstein Switzerland Nature Park, is the largest and deepest in Schleswig-Holstein.

Ahrensburg Palace32.9km from Wildlife Park Eekholt

This exquisite white castle is the former home to noble families. Open to the public since 1955, visitors have an unparalleled experience and are able to get up close to the history of the castle. It was set amongst extensive grassy parks, and although the moat is now filled, that doesn't stop the surrounding area from impressive. The castle is even the perfect place for your event and has the facilities for weddings, parties and birthdays.

Plön Castle34.12km from Wildlife Park Eekholt

Plön Castle is one of the largest castles in the north German state of Schleswig-Holstein and the only one located on a hill. It was once a military academy and a boarding school, now it is home to an opticians training centre. Visitors can explore the huge grounds surrounding the castle, admire the many lakes of the region, explore the nearby city, or even take a castle tour and find out about its use today and its historical role.

Ohlsdorf Cemetery36.58km from Wildlife Park Eekholt

Ohlsdorf Cemetery was established in 1877. It is the largest rural cemetery in the world and one of the largest cemeteries in the world. Most of those buried are civilian citizens, others are war victims, all are from different religions and ethnicities. The cemetery notably includes the Old Hamburg Memorial Cemetery that has the graves of many notable Hamburg citizens.

Stadtpark39.12km from Wildlife Park Eekholt

Stadtpark is an urban park located in the district of Winterhude, it is the third-largest park in Hamburg with an area of 148 hectares. The park features beautiful landscapes, playgrounds, and the park’s main attraction is the Planetarium a former water tower which illuminates in different colors at night. Since 1930 the tower has housed Germany's largest planetarium.

Where is Wildlife Park Eekholt

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Schleswig-Holstein is a northwestern state of Germany. The state is known for its history, culture, and architecture. There is a river called Eider which forms the historic border between Schleswig and Holstein.