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20 Attractions to Explore Near Willkomm-Höft

Willkomm-HöftParnaßstraße 29, 22880 Wedel, Germany

The Ship Greeting Station Willkomm-Höft (Welcome Point) is a facility at the Schulauer Fährhaus in Wedel. Vessels over 1,000 gross tonnage heading upriver for or downriver from the Port of Hamburg are welcomed or bid farewell by hoisting the Hamburg flag and playing the national anthem of their country of registry between 8 am and 8 pm. Furthermore, words of greeting or farewell are broadcasted in the vessel’s native language.

Nearby Attractions

Loki Schmidt Garden
Loki Schmidt Garden10.58 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Loki Schmidt Garden is a botanical garden maintained by the University of Hamburg. The garden is open daily without charge, and it is organized into three main sections: Systematic garden, Geographical garden, and Plant and man.

Jenisch House
Jenisch House10.91 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

The Jenisch House is a country house for Martin Johann Jenisch, the former senator of Hamburb. The house was built in 1831, beside the significant architecture, this place is known for the beautiful park that has an area of 110 acres.

Elbtunnel14.22 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Elbe Tunnel is a 426 m tunnel for pedestrians and vehicles in Hamburg, Germany. The tunnel was opened in 1911, and in 1970 the tunnel became a tourist attraction after several bridges were built. The Elbe tunnel has four large elevators that carry both for pedestrians and vehicles, it connects central Hamburg with the docks and shipyards on the south side of the river Elbe.

Tierpark Hagenbeck
Tierpark Hagenbeck15.84 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Tierpark Hagenbeck is a 100 year old zoo, it covers an area of 25 ha ( 62 acres ). This unique zoo features a children’s playground, Japanese park, and an aquarium, and it is home for more than 2500 animals. Its a great family destination, the park is located in Stellingen, a quarter in Hamburg, Germany.

U-Boat Museum, Hamburg GmbH
U-Boat Museum, Hamburg GmbH16.87 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

U-434 Submarine is a former Soviet submarine for the Russian navy, built in 1976. The submarine now is moored in front of the Fischmarkt and turned into a museum allowing visitors to experience the harsh living conditions within the narrow corridors.

Hamburg Fish Market
Hamburg Fish Market16.90 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Fischmarkt opens only on Sunday mornings. Even though it’s a fish market, you can find fruits, vegetables, clothes. The market is distinguished by the unique and funny selling style, the sellers outshout to each other which result in loud and verbose crescendo.

Park Fiction
Park Fiction16.98 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Park Fiction overlooks the Elbe river. Visitors love to come here and enjoy the sunset, and it is also a great place for a walk or take a drink and enjoy watching the huge ships in the harbor. Park Fiction is an art project shaped like a park. The lawn is shaped like a magic carpet and the plastic palm trees stay green all year.

Panoptikum17.54 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Panoptikum Hamburg is a wax museum in Hamburg. It is the oldest wax museum in the country, and dates back more than 125 years. The museum features more than 120 figures, designed with high precision to make them appear extremely real.

Rickmer Rickmers
Rickmer Rickmers18.02 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Rickmer Rickmers is a sailing ship built in 1896. The ship now is turned into a floating museum that allows visitors to explore the entire vessel and its decks including the engine room. The ship also has a restaurant onboard.

Cap San Diego - Museumsschiff
Cap San Diego - Museumsschiff18.28 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Cap San Diego is a former cargo ship built in 1961, the ship now is moored at the port of Hamburg as a museum, visitors can explore all decks and learn about Cap San Diego's history, they also can book cabins for overnight stays.

St. Michael's Church Hamburg
St. Michael's Church Hamburg18.36 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

St. Michael's Church is considered as one of the most important icons in Hamburg city. The church is built in the Baroque style between the years of 1649 and 1661. The church has a 132-meter high tower that stands out on the Hamburg skyline.

Planten un Blomen
Planten un Blomen18.47 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Planten un Blomen is a must-visit park. The estimated area of the park is 47 hectares (116.1 acres), the park contains a large playground and the Old Botanical Garden of Hamburg. The park houses children's shows and concerts, and the visitors can see the first plant in the park that was planted in 1821 by Johann Georg Christian Lehmann.

Port of Hamburg
Port of Hamburg18.82 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Port of Hamburg is the largest port in Germany and the third-largest in Europe with an area of 73.99 square kilometers. The port includes recreational and cultural facilities, such as Warehouse District which houses museums and some entertainment centers. Visitors can enjoy the port by exploring it in a boat. The port is located in the heart of Hamburg city.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg
Elbphilharmonie Hamburg18.83 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Elbphilharmonie is a World-class concert hall, opened in 2016. It is one of the largest and acoustically most advanced concert halls in the world. It is the tallest inhabited building in Hamburg. This magnificent structure contains concert halls, a hotel, and an observation deck that offers a beautiful panoramic view of Hamburg, it also has restaurants and a gift shop.

Miniatur Wunderland
Miniatur Wunderland19.11 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Miniatur Wunderland is a museum that presents models of the most famous sights in Germany, and sights from around the world. The museum features the world's largest model railway, 15,715 meters of track and more than 1200 trains. All these models were built with high accuracy.

Jungfernstieg19.14 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Jungfernstieg is one of the most popular places in Hamburg that offers a beautiful view of the waterfront. Established in 1665, it is situated on Alster Lakes. The place is known for boat trips that cross Alester Lakes back and forth, there is also a shopping area.

St. Nikolai Memorial
St. Nikolai Memorial19.15 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

St. Nikolai Memorial is a church in Hamburg. Built in 1195, the church was destroyed and rebuilt several times. During the World War II, the church was destroyed but the spire remained relatively unscathed. There is also a museum inside in the church crypt dedicated to World War II.

Hamburg Townhall
Hamburg Townhall19.23 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Hamburg Rathaus is a building for the government of Hamburg, located at the Rathausmarkt square, this place attracts many visitors due to the magnificent architecture of the building, visitors can visit the exhibitions that housed inside.

Speicherstadt19.59 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

Speicherstadt (Warehouse district) is a free customs zone built in the late 19th century, and it’s the largest warehouse district in the world, where the buildings stand on timber-pile foundations. Speicherstadt houses several museums such as the Miniatur Wunderland and the Hamburg Dungeon, Speicherstadt is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The buildings are also used as warehouses.

International Maritime Museum
International Maritime Museum19.82 KMs away from Willkomm-Höft

The Internationales Maritimes Museum is a private museum located in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, Germany. It was Opened in 2008. The museum has 9 floors that display the maritime collection of Peter Tamm, a german journalist and a collector. It has a total of 40,000 items and over 1 million photographs.