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Heligoland - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Heligoland, Germany


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About Heligoland

Heligoland is a small German archipelago in the North Sea. It's a somewhat popular destination for one-day ship cruises. It is today a peaceful tourist destination and bird observatory, popular with day-trippers because of its sandy beaches and clean air. It is a square kilometer of island bliss between sky and sea.

Attractions Near Heligoland

Hummerbuden0.21km from Heligoland

The Hummerbuden are former sheds and workshops of the fishermen on the North Sea island of Helgoland. After the destruction of World War II and the resettlement of Heligoland in 1952, the lobster booths were designed by the Hamburg architect Georg Wellhausen. The color scheme came from Johannes Ufer. Gable profiles and wooden cladding are typical of his lobster booths. Before the Second World War, lobster scales were inconsistent scales in different places.

Lange Anna
Lange Anna1.51km from Heligoland

The Lange Anna is a 47-meter high pier in the extreme northwest of the German North Sea island of Helgoland. It weighs around 25,000 tons, is made of red sandstone, and has an area of ​​180 m². Short Anna, which is about 50 meters to the east, is less prominent and is connected to the Heligoland Oberland. It is a popular destination for tourists and a landmark for Heligoland.

Lighthouse Alte Weser
Lighthouse Alte Weser38.4km from Heligoland

The Alte Weser lighthouse is located in the German Bight in front of the Weser estuary. It replaced the Roter Sand lighthouse built-in 1883–1885. It consists of reinforced concrete with a steel jacket and steel structures. It is built 'offshore' in the sand at around 11 m above sea ​​level, the height of the structure is around 40 m above sea ​​level. The range is between 18 and 23 nm, depending on the lighting sector.

Trischen53.82km from Heligoland

Trischen is an uninhabited island in front of the Meldorfer Bay , about 14 kilometers from the Dithmarsch North Sea coast - the distance to Trischendamm is 12 kilometers. The island belongs to the municipality of Friedrichskoog and is only inhabited from March to October by a bird keeper from NABU . Other people are not allowed to visit. Trischen is visited by birds both as a breeding and resting place

Leuchtturm Amrum
Leuchtturm Amrum58.49km from Heligoland

The Amrum lighthouse is in the south of the German North Sea island of Amrum, about two kilometers west of Wittdün. It belongs to the municipality of Nebel and is one of the landmarks of the island. It is open to the public in the summer months. Also on Amrum are the beacons of Norddorf and Nebel and the disused fire carriers of Wittdün. The Wriakhörn beacon was dismantled in 2016.

Kniepsand58.54km from Heligoland

The Kniepsand, formerly Knipsand is an extremely slow-moving sandbank in the North Sea. It lies west of the Schleswig-Holstein island of Amrum and covers an area of ​​around 10 km². The Föhr-Amrum office specifies the area of ​​Amrum with and without Kniepsand. Since the area is not usually flooded, it is high sand.

Where is Heligoland

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