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Halberstadt Cathedral - 4 Things to Know Before Visiting

Dompl. 16A, 38820 Halberstadt, Germany


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About Halberstadt Cathedral

A cathedral built between the 13C and late 15C resembles French cathedrals of the period. Halberstadt's French-style cathedral features typical highlights such as impressive pillars, airy vaults, ornate stonework, artistic carvings, and light-flooded leaded windows. The large cathedral treasury contains over 600 objects of art, dating from the 5th to the 18th century, including a unique textiles collection.

Attractions Near Halberstadt Cathedral

Sandhöhlen10.48km from Halberstadt Cathedral

Sandhöhlen are two sand caves known individually as the Große Sandhöhle and Kleine Sandhöhle. These are a natural monument in the Harz district in Saxony-Anhalt. It is believed that there was a Germanic Thing place there in prehistoric times. The very fine quartz sand extracted here was previously used as scouring sand and as grit to clean floorboards. From hiking enthusiasts, this place received the title “Most beautiful stamp place of 2009”.

Burg und Festung Regenstein
Burg und Festung Regenstein10.86km from Halberstadt Cathedral

Regenstein Castle in Blankenburg is one of the special sights in the Harz with impressively preserved rooms, worked in the rock, give an idea of how important and defensive Regenstein Castle once was. The castle is surrounded by remnants of a more recent fortress. The open-air museum makes various rooms accessible and tells the story of Regenstein through many different exhibits. At Easter, Whitsun, and in July, Regenstein Castle's past comes alive.

Teufelsmauer13.47km from Halberstadt Cathedral

The Teufelsmauer is a rock formation of the hard sandstone of the Upper Cretaceous in the northern part of the Harz Przedgórze in the center of Germany. This rock face runs from Blankenburg via Weddersleben and Rieder to Ballenstedt. Many legends and myths have been woven in order to try to explain the unusual rock formation. It was placed under protection as early as 1833 and, in 1852, by the head of the district authority in order to prevent quarrying of the much sought-after sandstone.

Hamburger Wappen
Hamburger Wappen13.64km from Halberstadt Cathedral

A highly unusual rock feature on the Teufelsmauer rock formation not far from Timmenrode in the Harz Mountains in central Germany. One of the hiking attractions in this area and also a place blessed with natural beauty. Next to it is a rock cave known as the Kuhstall.

Stiftskirche St. Servatius
Stiftskirche St. Servatius13.68km from Halberstadt Cathedral

The former collegiate church of St. Servatius in Quedlinburg - also known as St. Servatii or Quedlinburg Cathedral - is a monument of high Romanesque architecture dedicated to Saints Dionysius and Servatius . The three-aisled basilica , essentially built between 1070 and 1129, was the church of the Quedlinburg women's monastery.

Blankenburg Castle
Blankenburg Castle13.78km from Halberstadt Cathedral

Blankenburg Castle was a small castle in the village of Engehausen in the municipality of Essel in the German state of Lower Saxony. It dates roughly to the 13th century. All that remains are parts of the surrounding rampart. Today a rural farmstead, formerly a manor house, stands on the site of the old castle.

Where is Halberstadt Cathedral

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Saxony-Anhalt is a state of Germany, bordering the states of Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia, and Lower Saxony. Almost all of Saxony-Anhalt lies within the North European Plain, and its landscapes exhibit impacts from successive eras of glaciation. One of the beautiful states in Germany which were blessed with natural beauty.