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Titan RT - Things to Know Before Visiting

Rappbodetalsperre on the L96 Oberharz am Brocken, 38889 Elbingerode (Harz), Germany


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About Titan RT

Titan RT is a 483 m long pedestrian suspension bridge opened in 2017 in the Harz Mountains. The rope bridge is located in the areas of Oberharz am Brocken and Thale in the Harz district of Saxony-Anhalt, the border of which runs through the middle of the bridge. The bridge hangs over the part of the reservoir of the Wendefurth dam that joins the air side of the Rappbodetalsperre dam.

Attractions Near Titan RT

Wendefurth Dam
Wendefurth Dam1.71km from Titan RT

The Wendefurth Dam near Wendefurth in the Harz is one of the dams downstream of the Rappbode Dam, that provides flood protection as well as impounding the River Bode to provide the lower reservoir for the Wendefurth Power Station. In addition it is a bathing lake and also supports fish farming.

Blauer See
Blauer See3.08km from Titan RT

The Blue Lake is an artificial lake between Hüttenrode and Rübeland in the Harz Mountains, not far from Bundesstraße 27. The lake was created as part of mining activities in this region. It is located in the conservation area resin and Northern Harz region and in the Harz nature park. It was classified as a valuable geotope by the State Office for Geology and Mining and is now used for geotourism.

Hermannshöhle - Rübeländer caves

It is one of the two show caves in the village of Rübeland near the town of Wernigerode, in the district of Harz, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. it impresses not only with the multitude of unique stalactite formations but also with its huge cavities up to 50 meters high. Special highlights in the Hermannshöhle are the Olmensee, in which Germany's only grotto olms live, and the sparkling crystal chamber.

Baumannshöhle - Rübeländer caves

The Baumannshöhle is the oldest show cave in Germany. The cavity was formed in Devon - lime of the Elbingeröder complex in conjunction with the formation of the Bode valley in the region of arbor specified disorders. The cave has been visited by man since the Stone Age. One of the wonderful formations of nature which shows wonders.

Blankenburg Castle
Blankenburg Castle6.59km from Titan RT

Blankenburg Castle was a small castle in the village of Engehausen in the municipality of Essel in the German state of Lower Saxony. It dates roughly to the 13th century. All that remains are parts of the surrounding rampart. Today a rural farmstead, formerly a manor house, stands on the site of the old castle.

Teufelsmauer7.03km from Titan RT

The Teufelsmauer is a rock formation of the hard sandstone of the Upper Cretaceous in the northern part of the Harz Przedgórze in the center of Germany. This rock face runs from Blankenburg via Weddersleben and Rieder to Ballenstedt. Many legends and myths have been woven in order to try to explain the unusual rock formation. It was placed under protection as early as 1833 and, in 1852, by the head of the district authority in order to prevent quarrying of the much sought-after sandstone.

Where is Titan RT

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Saxony-Anhalt is a state of Germany, bordering the states of Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia, and Lower Saxony. Almost all of Saxony-Anhalt lies within the North European Plain, and its landscapes exhibit impacts from successive eras of glaciation. One of the beautiful states in Germany which were blessed with natural beauty.