Venice Biennale 2024: 3 Day Trip Plan


Venice Biennale Trip Summary and Planning Tips

Arrival Airport

Accommodation Options

  • Venice: Stay in Venice itself for convenience, but it's very expensive.
  • Mestre: Stay in Mestre for more affordable options, costing less than half the price of Venice hotels. Choose accommodation near Venezia Mestre railway station for a quick 15-minute bus ride to Venice.
  • Price Comparison: Check accommodation prices on Agoda.

Transportation to and from the Airport

  • Staying in Venice:
    • Boat: Offers scenic views. Tickets are available at the airport and various locations in Venice and online(arrival boat transfer, departure boat transfer).
    • Bus: Cheaper option with tickets available right outside the airport.
    • Recommended: Take the boat for a scenic experience.
  • Staying in Mestre:
    • Bus: Convenient and cost-effective, with tickets available at the airport bus stop.
    • Recommended: Take the bus when you arrive. Take the boat from Venice to the airport for a scenic experience when you are returning back to the airport.

Transportation within Venice and Mestre

  • Vehicles: Only boats are allowed inside Venice.
  • Tickets: Buy individual trip tickets (~€9 for boats, ~€3 for buses/trams) or a multi-day pass.
    • Multi-day Pass: Highly recommended. Costs €25 for 1 day, €35 for 2 days, and €45 for 3 days. Provides unlimited travel in Venice and Mestre on public transport. Available at various ticket counters in Venice and Mestre, including the central bus station in Mestre and online.

Biennale Tickets

  • Purchase: Available for single or multiple days through the Venice Biennale 2024 official site.
  • Main Locations: Arsenale and Giardini, plus many satellite locations throughout Venice. Visit both main locations to explore all pavilio

Video Series

Watch our 20-part series: Available on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to help plan your visit by previewing pavilions.

Other Recommended Activities in Venice

A collection of the recommended activities can be accessed through Viator as well.

Have an amazing time visiting the Venice Biennale 2024!

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