Activities and Tours in Nova Sintra

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Brava Island: The Routes of “Morna” with locals

Discover Brava, the island that lies just 20 km away from its older brother, Fogo Island. Swim in the beautiful warm natural pools of Fajã d’Água and explore Cape Verd...

Brava: Hiking Vila Nova Sintra - Sorno - São Pedro - Vila Nova Sintra

This spetacular walk encapsulates the essence of Brava: the remote valley hamlet of Sorno making miraculous use of its little stream to farm extensive green terraces u...

Brava: Hiking Fajã ´Água - Cruz - Fajã D´Água

Enjoy a steep climb from sea level, up the side of a Ribeira to the Cruz, followed by a descent of the cobbled road.

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