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Explore Fishermen Island in Japan(Ise-Shima)

Take a 20 minute boat ride and explore Toba’s fisherman village! We will bring you to Toshi Island, which is regarded as the best place to explore Japanese fisherman d...

Island Adventure Sea Kayak Tour(Ise-Shima)

Come on an uninhabited island adventure by sea kayak! Large birds soar the skies while finless porpoises swim the coastal waters. Beneath the waves, fish swim and sea...

Interacting with real ama divers in a traditional ama hut (AMA hut HACHIMAN)

Since times of yore, Japan’s ama (“women of the sea”) have been diving for abalone and other underwater bounty – and most famously of all, for pearls. At Ama Hut Hachi...

Shirataki Takigyo Waterfall Meditation Experience in Toba

The Kami (God) of Shirataki has been trusted by local people as a god of natural faith for over 1300 years. It is a sacred place where trainees stand below waterfalls ...

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