About Travalour and our mission

Our Journey

Together, we make over a billion trips in a year, discover millions of spectacular sites, some very popular some hidden to outsiders. We share pictures, we tell stories, yet after a few years of exploring , all that remains in our packed brain are bits and pieces of the journey. We forget about the names, the locations, and the highlights. When someone wants help to plan a journey, all we have are the thousands of pictures, some good, a lot bad, not knowing the location or name of the places explored.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if the locations, names, photos, videos, and other information about a place can be packed and organised in a way that it is easy for all of us to discover? Your entire travel history can be up online, and all of your friends can see it, anytime they want.

Travalour is built to for that! As founders of Travalour we faced this challenge and many platforms out there didn’t satisfy our needs. In the search to find the perfect solution, Travalour was born.

The name was created combining the Italian word ‘tra’ meaning ‘amongst' with ‘valour’. We believe that people are brave to travel, to explore the unfamiliar, to be amongst other brave travelers.

Travalour enable you to collect, organise, and store travel moments and memories and share them. Mark every place you visit and store it in Travalour. Share it to your favourite social networks so that your friends will see the adventures you had and one day be able to visit the same places too. We analyse your uploads and give you statistics on what kind of Travalour you are. A trekker perhaps? Or a party pal? Or maybe a shopping genius? We award points based on your adventures. These will rank you in the community. The more you explore, the more points you earn. See where you stand in the best-travelled-list. Maybe in the top thousand? Or top hundred? Or even in the top 10? Can you be the most travelled on Travalour?

In addition to collecting travel histories online and giving you the best access to information about rarely spotted places, we started to map out all exciting places in Kerala. Kerala, the southern state of India is blessed with so much nature, culture, and history! Yet, people find it extremely difficult to find remote places to explore. Travalour starts to provide complete information about interesting places in Kerala including it’s history, opening hours, entry fees, how to get there by public transportation, and who to call for more details. Since the foundation of Travalour is made on a map, it takes less than two minutes for you to discover a new attraction and be on the way to explore it.

We hope that you will utilise Travalour to the maximum. Send us feedback, both good and bad so that our platform will continue to serve you to perfection. Be brave, be an explorer, be a Travalour.


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